K-ON! Gets Second Season

Having a K-ON! season 2 is pretty much expected. Moe sells I guess.

[UPDATE: Second season comes out on April. Woah, that’s too soon. //source]


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29 Responses to “K-ON! Gets Second Season”

  1. LuluChan92 says:

    Hmmm… I can’t say I’m getting too hot over this, but I sure like K-ON! so I’m looking forward to this. Hope it doesn’t get screwed up as 2nd season, but I guess moe sells anyway, as you say.

  2. Jioreid says:


  3. kanzeon says:


  4. meteorhouse62 says:

    ^ Exactly what kanzeon said.. lol.

  5. Gegeviana says:

    No wai. I liked the first season and I’m happy with it only being continued on the manga instead. They’re just obviously milking off the franchise more.

  6. higurashi310 says:

    There are so much great shows in line that badly needs a sequel and we get this. :ehh: Riiiight.

  7. Kagura89 says:

    Oh my,is this real?? I didn’t get it why they would continue a show that most of the episode playing music & eating cakes plus drink tea =_=;;
    And I can hear lots people screaming with joy for return of Mio,Mugi & klutz Yui after hearing this news
    People who likes moe will rejoice it,but for me it’s meh…

  8. NobleX says:

    The question is, is it gonna be the last one.

    P.S.: lol prepare for even less musical stuff, the manga has them acting in a “Romeo and Juliet” play and preparing for exams, but rest assure – the moe’s intact

  9. Once again KyoAni has put me in despair orz
    I hope The Disappearance Movie make up for this

  10. Shi says:

    No wonder it’s getting 2nd season, since it’s soooo popular in Japan and on pixiv.
    I liked K-ON! so that’s good news for me ^^ More Azusa cuteness ftw~

  11. zz says:

    Still there are many series out there that need a sequel, sigh still waiting for the next full metal panic though doesnt overly need one like other series e.g. amatsuki

  12. kirapika says:

    K-ON! is certainly not the best but I’m kinda glad it’s getting a second season ^^

  13. CyberPixie says:

    NEAT! going to wait for this! YEAAAHH!!!

  14. fenixdown110 says:

    Didn’t they all graduate? *facepalm* I’m sure the fanboy otakus are happy.

  15. cdranger says:

    Yeesh! Why are there so many negative comments? I’m not a “moe” fan or an otaku but I found that this show was well animated and entertaining. I can’t wait for season 2!

  16. PtothePOP says:

    cdranger are right. K-on! are not that bad. can’t wait for the season 2. 🙂

  17. phil says:


  18. fuwafuwa says:

    season 2? can’t wait for the new songs that I love su much..

  19. Gami says:

    Let’s hope season 2 of K-ON isn’t like season 2 of Haruhi.

  20. Shipper says:


    I really hope this season focuses more on the msuic and less on the moe, I’m looking forward to new songs ^ ^

    My friends and I love K-On!~ :cheer: Thanks for the update on the date~!

    Whoo Black Rock Shooter + K-On! 2 is going to make one freaking awesome Spring.

    Guess we know what season has a high chance of winning 😆

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