K-ON! – 14 (OVA)

Wait, what?

Here’s an extra episode of moeblob anime K-ON! before we get ahead with the second season. …And OMGWOWZERS THEY SHOWED PROGRESS AS A BAND. That was the main thing I loved in this OVA. They made a logo for their group, then they also has their first live house show experience. Well, that’s what I could remember, but it’s still progression. I can’t believe K-ON! can actually make that happen in a single episode /sarcasm. I’m hoping the second season would show more of this and less tea-time (oh wait that’s their band name they must do it) sessions and less moe shit as well. Oh, I think it takes a miracle for their characters to grow as well so I’m really not hoping for that…

So overall, this OVA was still cute. So uhm, yeah. I actually enjoyed it. Honestly I would prefer to have an OVA series instead of having a weekly-aired second season, because I must admit watching it in a sense that you have a month-long wait every episode feels awesome instead of too much weekly moeblobby-ness that’s like making you have diabetes. Oh well, too late to complain. I wonder when the second season comes out?

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5 Responses to “K-ON! – 14 (OVA)”

  1. BlackLagoon187 says:

    ahahahhahaha my cousin is a huge fan and now has 2 new goals in life =3
    1) sleep in a kotatsu
    2) see the first sunrise of the new year

    I wonder if they will actually have any live shows or new songs in the second season (apart from character singles)since there’s not much covered in the manga yet…

    And I totally agree with you tsuiteru
    i’m amazed that this episode actually progressed relatively fast and
    that the story revolved aorund the progression of their band…

  2. NobleX says:

    in my opinion, this is as good as K-On! will ever get.

  3. CyberPixie says:

    whoa this is pretty awesome for K-On!

  4. PtothePOP says:

    OMG!!!! i can’t wait for teh season 2!!!!

  5. Ciel says:


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