Hetalia Axis Powers – Russia Character Songs

Russia’s character songs! (Seiyuu: Yasuhiro Takato) Beware on clicking the link to the seiyuu because you’ll know how the real guy who voices him looks like.

зима (Winter)

OMG this one is so epic!!! Metal Orchestra FTW!!! It’s really chaotic and bipolar with Russia’s nice-guy voice matching a background of metal orchestra that’s sure to give me nightmares~ I must say that I expected something better though, because I thought it’ll be much more epic after I first saw the teaser of it. I still think France’s character single is the best, singing-wise.

>> Download Winter (.mp3)

ペチカ~ココロ灯して~ (Light the Fireplace of the Heart)

This one is freaking cute! <3 If the first one blatantly shows the psycho side of Russia, this is pure cuteness mode of Ivan. I love it, the chorus is so catchy~ PePePePePe~~ XD

>> Download Fireplace of the Heart (.mp3)

Some posted links to the full single, you find them on the comments below ^^. Thanks.


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25 Responses to “Hetalia Axis Powers – Russia Character Songs”

  1. Yuun says:

    Thanks a lot for the download links!
    I love Winter~ Now my third favorite APH character song :kyaa:

  2. FurryFireFox says:

    Why are the flowers not sunflowers??? WHY??? :-/

    Anyway, I liked the second one a lot better. I love Russia’s cute yandere voice. :3

  3. stanin says:


  4. Liz says:

    AAAH WIN <33

  5. NobleX says:

    cyrillic ftw!

  6. Kiseki says:

    Ahh…this is the one posted on the APH LJ comm, right?
    I downloaded and detested these since they’re 64kbps. :’D

    There’s another post with someone who bought the CD, so there’s scans and all. It should be more HQ. :3

    Here bby.

  7. hannah says:

    oh no!!! i clicked the seiyuu link XO

  8. Hikari says:


  9. monblan says:

    why, his seiyuu is so cute! XD awesome songs, thanks! ;3

  10. mikan-sakura says:

    which is another character he voices… XO

    My Russia love was scarred when I clicked the seiyuu link X___X

  11. Minaco says:

    Вaaай! Какой голос! Потрясающе!
    А остальные песни выйдут?

  12. lawlchan says:


    Whole album. (:
    Credits to fujiryo4ever @ livejournal;; xD

  13. CyberPixie says:


  14. thanks before for uplouding!!

    but,where is the Mini Drama??

  15. ElectTheDead says:


    EPIC! ♥

  16. sabaku_lotus says:

    I was like…..wow…..this…music….is really catchy. Winter was especially epic >w<

    For some reason I like Russia, America, UK, and Japan the most so far *omg italy and german FTW!!!!!*

    great I'm getting all fangirl now.

  17. tolerantfire says:

    Russia is not only a snow and winter, you know. Even though now is -23C, it may be +25+30C in summer. And pechka is not actualy a fireplace; it’s just strange why they haven’t mentioned bears, yshanki and pelmeni. This songs are so … stereotyped =)

  18. Rose says:


  19. Jesica says:

    Thank you!! 🙂 I love his songs!

  20. Oh man. Russia’s song ‘Winter’ is so dramatic, I must admit. I like how he slowly sings but then rises up to a deeper, darker voice and he…oh man, it’s so amazing and I can feel his pain.

    ‘Light the Fireplace of the Heart’ is so cute and I love how he laughs between verses. I can dance to it and I love how those voices sing ‘Royshiaaaa’. <3

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