Hanamaru Kindergarten – 02

And then they added the Gainax touch on that ED…

OP:Aozora Triangle (青空トライアングル)” by Shindou Kei, Takagaki Ayahi, and MAKO


The OP is pure cuteness~! It’s not really too impressive, but I thought it’s just alright. Lots of characters in this show are definitely shown on the OP, so I wonder how they will all play on the story. Overall it’s cute but will probably turn skip-worthy soon.

This episode is separated to two scenarios, the first part isn’t anything really special, because I find the second part better. Though I must say that this way of story-telling is interesting and I wonder how it’ll work or if some stories would be linear or not.

We have Tsuchi-sensei’s teacher life on the first part, and it shows how he definitely struggles handling little kids in school. Well, they are little children so we know how it works. Anzu asks him questions, then another kid approaches him and tells him a story, then another student wants to go to pee, lol it never ends xD.

Then we also had the main trio exploring the kindergarten, which always ends up in wacky situations. They also encounter the huge slide, which they got scared first on trying it, but with the help of Tsuchi-sensei, they finally had fun using it.

The second part is centered on our resident walking encyclopedia Hii-chan. She’s indeed a walking dictionary for having so much knowledge, and in fact she already helps her scientist father on his work already. Lulz.

She keeps owning the second year guy, whom he thinks he’s the smartest, but no more because of Hii-chan. Lulz, I love how he also got pwned on every different stuff he said by Hiiragi. Of course, guy gets pissed because he always wants to be better (ugh, boys) so he goes on observing Hii-chan.

Stalker much? XD Though I lol’d when his friends told him that he looks like he like her. Though I have no idea why children goes out late at night alone just because he hates someone. What the hell was that? Where was his parents… or maybe I just missed something. But lol anyway, he gets found by Hiiragi herself while he’s on the ground scared and stuff. It only ends in pure fluff and cuteness…

D’awww~~~ So cute!!! Hiiragi in real eyes = awesomeness ^^.

Lol, the little boy is already on the second year, but it’s cute how he learns to look down on himself now and treats Hiiragi as his master. lol 😛 Hiiragi’s reaction is so cute~ blushing ftw >3


ED2:Kigurumi Wakusei (キグルミ惑星)” by Ayahi Takagaki


LOL THIS ENDING THEME IS EPIC. It seems like they’re pulling off like what Sora no Otoshimono did: different ending themes per episode. But damn, I didn’t expect the ED to have impressive quality. And going over with the sequence Galaxy Hanamaru Kindergarten ftw xD, which is an obvious touch from GAINAX. This ED just goes beyond different levels of awesomeness~


Overall, this show continues to be a fun and light watch~ It stays very adorable and pure cuteness,this is definitely not the best new show this Winter season, but I think I can put it up behind Durarara!! and BakaTest. (wow that proves this season is indeed dull)

Hii-chan is made of so much win!!! I like her more than Anzu, well yeah she’s my most favorite out of the three girls. I can’t find any reason why not to love her. She’s so hilarious and her cosplays are full of win xD.

I guess they are putting in two short episodes each week? Or probably put in different stories per episode? I find it alright. Well it’s not like this would be a show I would expect a lot from anyway, unless that Panda thing the children like turns out to be some giant mecha that will save the galaxy O__o.. lol. Looking forward to more of warm and light, cuteness-filled episodes from this show :D.

OIC Hiiragi cosplaying Yoko~!!

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9 Responses to “Hanamaru Kindergarten – 02”

  1. Kiseki says:

    Holy shit the OP looks so cute.

    And the ED…omg. xDD;

    Fffff you’re tempting me to watch this dammit it looks so damn cuuute. ;;

  2. Xiao says:

    My video totally cut both the OP and new ED. Sucky video. *kicks it*

    Anyways, kyaa~! The OP is so cute! I especially loved it when everyone started drawing flowers with those big crayons. <3
    But yea, it’s not worth sitting through at the beginning of each episode.

    The last half of the episode was just adorable. Hii-chan~! <3 lol, she’s such a smart kid, I’m afraid that NASA will try abduct her when she’s in the middle of grade school if not sooner. XD;
    And d’aww, it was so cute how inferiority complex boy was completely won over Hii-chan’s cuteness and started calling her “Master!” in the end which made Hii-chan blush. And then the cosplay moment. KYAA!!! OMOCHIKAERIIIII!!!!!!!!!! XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

    Lol The ED…expected nothing left from GAINAX for utter awesome randomness but if we get a GAINAX ending, I will be D8.

    Hmm, yes, I can’t wait for next week’s ep though please spare me the first half if it’s Tsuchi dealing with Anzu again. -_-;

    “unless that Panda thing the children like turns out to be some giant mecha that will save the galaxy O__o”

    THIS. FUND IT. >8D (or make the Panda the villain and turn the kindergarten into a battleship, lolol).

    Finally, LMAO @ Hii-chan’s Yoko cosplay. Oh, GAINAX… xD;

    • kanzeon says:

      The coloring thing reminded me so much of those cuts from Disney channel (but instead of drawing a Mickey shape, they draw flowers in the OP). Uhm yeah I remember those and it’s totally cute~ ^.^

      Hii-chan really should go to NASA, or better, have her own anime when she’s grown up a bit and make an astronomy club or something noo, Sora no Manimani don’t hit me >__<

      I hope we’ll get more interactions from this Master/Slave duo because it’s just so cuuute~!!! And d’awww too.

      It’ll really get annoying when there’s too much Anzu. I’m glad they mixed up more kids unlike on the manga it’s purely Anzu it’s so annoying =_=;

      or make the Panda the villain and turn the kindergarten into a battleship, lolol
      Loool!! Gainax should read these tbh xD; (or maybe they’re really having this idea O_O)

  3. madamebin says:

    lol… cosplaying as yoko~~

  4. lazysamurai says:

    Hii-chan is the best, the neko-cosplay is so adorable 🙂
    and she is smart too. ah, i’d like to have a little daughter like that. ( and no i’m no a lolicon )

    Very Cute show and worthy for a lazy moment!

  5. turtle says:

    omg im glad im not the only one who found the ed epik on so many levels ^^ and i just knew i would love hii-chan from when i first saw her…serious, but so cute!!!!!!!!!!!! zomg…and durarara is good =_= the bakatest dusn seem too good however…and i was looking forward to it from the light novels :\ meh… we still have to aru and fairy tail continuing at least… seikon no qwaser being virtually a hentai… disappointment…but enough ranting thanks for the review ^^ btw anyone else reminded of potemayo… somebody said this was the unperverted version of komodo no jikan(i want to kill them >.>)

  6. kewldude says:

    LOL WOW this is reallly good! ^_^ Not much else to say, but I’ll keep watching it! xD

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