Dance in the Vampire Bund – 04

Wow, I have heck no other show this season to watch… This proves it.

I noticed that they started censoring this show now. Not really caring about the fan service, but it bothers me that the gore is censored as well. It’s not fully censored, because there are still bloody parts, it’s just SHAFT didn’t went all the way with them. You can notice it on the part when the weekly filler girl gets stabbed to death by Mina’s assistant where it looked like it got cut and instead we get SHAFT inserting some red still. It’s quite annoying (and I must admit it really hurts the eyes). And speaking of stills, here we go again with the SHAFT-ness, because this is starting to be Bakemonogatari all over again with random flashing stills scattered everywhere throughout the entire episode. I hope everything will be fixed on the DVD version (including clearing up the breast-sucking scene). It just shows again that SHAFT doesn’t do well with deadlines, because the animation in this episode is much more lazier. Lazy, as in we have stills lasting for 10 seconds, and like it’s mostly all pictures except with their hair and mouths talking only getting the animation.

Just like Seikon no Qwaser, it definitely fails when it is censored (and speaking of which, I am still waiting for subs on their uncensored episodes =.=). But overall, this episode is still better than the previous ones.

I do not know if this is a very good thing or not, but it seems like the director have nothing else to pull off from his so-called “original story” and attempts to follow the manga now. It shows in this episode how the story is now close to the manga. The problem is that four episodes are already gone, and it is almost too late because the story is screwed up too much. I hope this really comes to the minds of directors that god, if they can’t fully make an ”original story” for their adaptation, it’s better to keep the original instead of making something that looks like some pitiful knockoff.

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