Dance in the Vampire Bund – 02

Goodbye, should-be great adaptation.

OP: “Friends” by Aiko Nakano


The OP was quite alright… until Mina definitely took the “Dance” from the title literally and starts dancing. I… laughed, especially with how it’s animated. It looked very awkward. Though I like how it ended with Akira catching her. But yeah that’s about it. The song was mediocre.

Moving on with the show now, they didn’t followed the manga… AT ALL. From the Vampire Bund radio show, they confirmed to not follow the manga, but instead come up with an original story. All I can say about this idea is…


Who the hell thought that Akira should just get an amnesia to make this an “original story” can be pushed off on a cliff now. The first parts in this episode taken on school was also pointless. Instead of political drama, I feel like we’re getting this “monster of the week” shit. The manga was already messed up, then they do this …Yeah bloody right.

I guess it’s fine now to stop the anime-manga comparisons now we all know it’ll get an original story anyway. That’s just me, who knows? People new to this one might like it. In all fairness, letting all the rage about how SHAFT butchered this adaptation aside, this episode wasn’t really boring. The action was definitely enjoyable, I want more spilling blood and broken body pieces flying out everywhere though. The animation is just decent, it still shows how lazy SHAFT is by flashing stills here and there. The characters looks consistently alright, and I love the glowing eyes effect they added. Though I must say that SHAFT doesn’t really shy away from fanservice, no matter how surprising it can get. I’m quite surprised that they kept the lotion scene explicit, and by explicit I mean loli nipples… Yikes ▼

So, uhm yeah… I just wish this show the best of luck whatever they wanna plan on this one.

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16 Responses to “Dance in the Vampire Bund – 02”

  1. psgels says:

    I haven’t read the manga, and even I was dissappointed by the second episode. The plot was lazy, the lotion felt way too much like the naked little girl scene of Bakemonogatari, the amnesia was just cheap, and I feel that Shinbo would have done better to just keep to the manga story.

  2. Xiao says:

    I second the cheap amnesia but other than that, this episode is still pretty…eh, somewhat okay, I guess, in terms of it being its own story. ‘Course I’m only saying this if you want to avoid the original before the adaptation is finished (and I caught up with the manga a week ago so yea…).

    Obviously, it’s not going to be anywhere near as good as the manga but this is SHAFT, who just does what it wants and doesn’t give a damn about one thing or another.

    Really not sure if I want to continue following this one or not. I thought all the political shit was one big part that made the plot so great but I guess they’re assuming that viewers don’t want politics in their anime but that’s where all the fun is!. *sigh*
    Guess I’ll check the 3rd episode out to see before deciding.

  3. Erm, I didn’t get it? She was superpowerful in the first episode. I mean, a guy died just because she told him to. And now in this episode she lost all that wicked aura and got totally beaten up? She seemed like a totally different person. Wtf was that about?

    I’m hating the fact that vampires are turning into animals. Why can’t they just be vampires? It would be so much cooler.

  4. hashi says:

    I loved episode two. A classic, for me. And the OP was terrific, both the song and the animation. The dance seemed awkward at first, until I realized that she was dancing faster than any human could. The manga story was nothing terrific. The situation was wonderful, but what he did with it wasn’t. I’m happy to see what the writer, Shinbou and the mangaka — who are working together on the adaptation — come up with to improve it.

  5. MasterArts says:

    I am a little glad and disappointment at the same time the anime didn’t follow the manga because I read too many manga that follow it and doesn’t give the excitement of what is going to happen next and it gives a different kind of style of creativity for the anime and manga creators to think of. but for the amnesia bit I thought all too lame.

  6. Brenana says:

    I know this is a loli show, but do vampires have something against wearing clothes?

  7. kyon says:

    you don’t understand , the guy in first episode was part of her clan ans can control him but in episode 2 the villian was of ohter clan and she can’t use mental control

  8. fenixdown110 says:

    I agree with tsuiteru. BLAH. I’ll pass this along for something else more worthwhile.

  9. touma says:

    i watched the episode and i honestly think was interesting in it own way , yeah , was different from the manga and i think the way in the manga wa better but i also like surprises when the history in anime is a bit different from the manga but the episode was interesting in his own history

  10. Wiz says:

    Apparently they were told to make it original =(

    That’s too bad.

  11. meteorhouse62 says:

    That was definitely disappointing. And by that I mean not the disturbing loli lotion scene, but how they even thought of changing it. They should just keep the manga than taking this risk and fails. The manga is already a strong source material and I have no idea why did they made this… crap.

  12. CyberPixie says:

    that’s one yikes pictures ouch

    okay, maybe that’s a bit over reacting, and I didn’t know about the original script plan, but stil..
    gaah, I hope okamikakushi and durarara didn’t disappoint me with their 2nd eps

  14. kanzeon says:

    I wasn’t totally disappointed, and I wasn’t impressed either. I just found it to be average. SHAFT degraded the manga (which if would have been adapted = awesome) for sure, but it sucks that they planned to change it. Meh..

    The only thing I’m hoping for is that this wouldn’t be too Rosario + Vampire-ish. I still think this has promise. I like the animation and the music. Akira’s hawt~ Mina’s cute (lol @ her stalking Akira) BUT I think she should be wayyy more fiercer because she’s like the Queen of Vampires~ <33

    So yeah, it wasn't horrifyingly terrible IMO (except from Mina's breast which looked like that of a chicken's O__O). It's just a letdown because I know everyone's expecting it to follow the manga and be good.

    @Neohybrid_kai – Durarara!! episode 2 was AWESOME ;D. Can’t say the same thing for OokamiKakushi though, because the second episode bored the heck out of me (dropped).

  15. luisiana says:

    eta muy bueno tengo interes de bajarlo 😉

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