Dance in the Vampire Bund – 01

Five Word Summary: WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT?

OH SHAFT, YOU. I guess they’re all like making us sit down a little bit from the over-excitement about this one and have a first episode as some sort of a troll that never really happened on the manga. I gotta admit, the 17-minute TV show sequence was PAINFUL to sit through, it almost felt like a joke (hi there, Shaft). I would have enjoyed it if this show isn’t only 12 episodes short. Yeah, this is only running for 12 episodes only.

But I guess, I gotta give props for making this episode a little bit too unexpected. I love how they made the TV show very realistic, I find the arguments nice. This bitch made me laugh, and I also lol’d when they show the dumb interviewer asking a cat.. I like the shaky and mockumentary-like touch with their use of cameras. I find it really cool. The last few minutes rocked the shit out of me as well. Now that’s the Vampire Bund anime we’re talking about. Time for a real vampire to go insane, sucks off the lady to death, removing off own arm, turning into some giant lizard monster-thing… Soon to be owned by Mina Tepes in just a glance. That was one heck of a ride, too bad they only saved it for the last few minutes of the episode.

Production values is fine, what I want in this adaptation is for SHAFT to use its source material carefully and not waste time with seventeen minute-long random useless shit with their weird direction. I hope they are just fooling with this episode and get extra careful on the next episodes (and damn, get a proper ED animation too). This first episode is wasted.

ED Sequence: Show ▼

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9 Responses to “Dance in the Vampire Bund – 01”

  1. Keo says:

    Pretty much how I felt too :/ They should’ve just kept it like the manga, since Mina’s introduction to the humans was more amusing in there.

    Not to mention Akira seems to have lost all his memories lol…

  2. TJ says:

    That was uh… an unusual intro episode. Hopefully things will get better when the real story starts.

  3. HikaruKaze says:

    Umm I feel like it was a waste for a first episode. Hopefully its gets better or else I will be disappointed…

  4. Spryifer says:

    The first 17 minutes was just pure WTF. The last minutes of the show rocked though. Hopefully that will carry over for the rest of the episodes.

  5. yeah!! the first episode really rocks! I like getting trolled surprised, as long as its not last for eight episodes. The fighting scene is not as great as expected, I mean, killing look (literally) is cool but, come on, where’s the action in that? hope to see more “dance” and blood.

    And that bishie to frog is pure wtf, maybe its a reference to Twilight? 😆

  6. Xiao says:

    I actually quite liked it since I haven’t read the manga yet. *GETS SHOT*

    But it’s probably more because of the buildup for that awesome kickass entrance at the end…yea. Nothing like proposing a truce by revealing crazy iguana phony on live television, than wrecking the whole set, making everything greeeen and having one of the audience perform execution so badass.
    Me wants more. :aww:

    And why do I get the feeling that SHAFT is doing evolving credits for the ED again like what they did for “Kimi no Shiranai Monogatari”? </

  7. LuluChan92 says:

    17 minutes of anime wasted… But at the end it got decent enough to make me expect a decent anime adaptation from now on. And I’ll definately read the manga one of these days…!

  8. FaS says:

    OMFG, YOU’RE SO RIGHT! What a relief! I thought I was starting to go crazy and think I was the only one who was thinking, “WTF.” But yeah, I did read the manga (still ongoing) and I’m thoughrally disappointed atm…like jeez…an expose show…? Whatever. The vampire prince guy was cool with the arm action…but the Min Tepes “Death glance….” fuck that shit. Can I get a decapitation fatality…please..?? Jeez, where’s SubZero when you need him…-_-”

  9. Hanazuka says:


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