Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu – 02

This show continues to be awesome~!

The episode starts with a flashback on two childhood friends. Apparently they are Yuji (the redhead guy on Class F), and his childhood friend is someone we already got a little glimpse of on episode 1, Shouko. We’ll get to go more over them a little bit this week~

This episode, Class F challenges a much higher class level this time, Class A. It’s a five-on-five showdown, and the losing class will face a deal that they would do from the winning class.

Yuri in BakaTest? Lol xD

Yaoi in BakaTest? xD and yup, Akihisa is definitely an uke xD.

Woah that’s a lot of blood.

And speaking of nosebleeds, here’s the trap of the season being the round girlguy xD. Hideyoshi for sure seems to be the major fanservice character of this show xD.

He reminds me of Yuuto O__o.

He still got pwned by Himeji’s 4000+ powaa xD. Woot Himeji <3

Lots of nosebleed again xD. Blame Hideyoshi and his trap-service~

Childhood friend face up again.


but… LULZ. In the end, Yuji lost xDDD; After all the epicness and suspense, that was quite unexpected… He looked so confident and all before that, and with how everyone reacted with Shouko not having a perfect score xD. Lulz, Yuji is such a “baka” for sure.

Class F lost T^T Poor them~ They now got cardboard boxes instead of low-quality table.. And since they also lost, they get a consequence. Everyone was wrong about the yuri thing about Shouko xD. She’s actually in love with Yuji, her childhood friend, up until now, so the deal for them losing is that Yuji would go on a date with Shouko ^^.

So cute! This is actually my most favorite part of the episode. Yuji x Shouko = OTP <3

Lawl~ Shouko is officially my favorite character in this show xD. I lol’d how she didn’t even gave Yuji a chance to talk and just kidnapped him for a date xD.

Akihisa also gets his date… make that dates. I’m really not much a fan of their love triangle, so I hope the series won’t focus on it too much because it would be pretty uninteresting.


This show still continues to impress and I’m definitely lovin’ it so far~ Lol so much at Akihisa having the table on his hand for like, 3/4’s of the whole episode. That table has so much screentime XD. I also enjoyed the violent tsundere lock (TM) and I find it cute when Hideyoshi’s trap service~ Though I wonder if they’ll offer different kind of jokes next time because it can get old if they do the same stuff each and every week. I find Kouta annoying and useless though, except when he won his battle. At least he proved that he isn’t a waste of space in this show just peeking for panties of the girls with his camera.

I love Yuji x Shouko~ It’s refreshing to see this childhood friends thing on the side characters. Yuji is such an idiot though, poor Shouko always turned down by him T_T. Anyway now that he’s on her clutches, I can’t wait to see how their date on the next episode turns out~ xP.

Still enjoying this show to bits. Episode one still wins in terms of comedic and overall enjoyment, but this episode was awesome in it way too ^^. It’s now high up on the top two new shows this Winter along with Durarara!!, and I think nothing else can be as relevant as those two. So yup~ Without BakaTest, this Winter season would be very boring and depressing.


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4 Responses to “Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu – 02”

  1. Faer1edust says:

    I LOVE this show so much. It’s very funny and just awesome~ I enjoy the BL jokes too xD. Akihisa is indeed the uke. I also enjoyed watching Minami wrestle Akihisa and force him to say “I love you” xD That was freaking cute xDDD; Yuji x Shouko is also my OTP, I find the main love triangle boring >.>

    Last but definitely not the least, Hideyoshi’s trap service ftw~!!! SO CUTE!

  2. CyberPixie says:

    100% DOWNLOAD
    *runs to the computer and play it*

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  4. lazysamurai says:

    Haha Yuji is smarter than he looks! Just wait till you see his full plan in motion. Love the strategist-act.

    Anyways, nice and light show for a few laughs 🙂

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