Suzumiya Haruhi 2009 New Character Song Vol. 5 – Kyon


Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuutsu 2009 New Character Single – Kyon [CV: Sugita Tomokazu]


1. Homo Sapiens Rhapsody
2. Daga Sore Dake Janai
3. Homo Sapiens Rhapsody (off vocal)
4. Daga Sore Dake Janai (off vocal)

>> Download Here


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4 Responses to “Suzumiya Haruhi 2009 New Character Song Vol. 5 – Kyon”

  1. Netto says:

    Oh hey! I didn’t know that there’s a new album series going around!

    Thanks for the heads up :p.

  2. Homo Sapiens Rhapshody O_O?

  3. Gami says:

    Tsuruya’s album art almost had a panty shot, Taniguchi’s was a crotch shot, and Kyon’s is in no way suggestive.
    Oh well. His season 1 pose makes up for that.

  4. Vocaloid_Yubitsu says:

    OMG WTF Homo Sapiens Rhapsody ?!?! XD
    Niice !!

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