Sora no Otoshimono – 12

I died of Nymph moe.

Excellent episode, again they blended it well with great comedy and seriousness. This show never runs out of budget, does it? Besides from having different ending sequences every episode, the OP sequence was also revamped with extra sound effects.

The comedy was still as hysterical as always. I laughed so hard yet again. Mikako shows more of her vile, sadistic awesome self in this episode. I lol’d really hard when she goes on telling Ikaros on how it makes her smile when she fly swats something (and ends up Ikaros swatting Tomoki herself, then sadistically smiling upon swatted Tomoki flying in air), then later suggests Death Penalty upon Tomoki when he got blamed on the zoo. Lol.

The amusement park and zoo scenes were just plain hilarious. From Ikaros beating down the mascot, to Tomoki throwing up after one hell of a ride. Also when the zoo animals came out and attack Tomoki (lol @ the Racoons). Not to mention the nude!Tomoki running over the lady, then getting blamed as the overthetop security comes in. One thing I would be raging about is how they didn’t put in US President Obama (saying “YES WE CAN!”) like on the manga because THAT would’ve been just fantastic. Show ▼

Moving on with serious matters in this episode… Awwww, Nymph ;_; She’s on her cutest this episode. I’m more for Nymph than Ikaros. Both do want Tomoki, but Nymph’s more in a harder situation since Tomoki isn’t her master while Ikaros is, but Ikaros only rests being emotionless self. Nymph’s situation is just sad. But yet she’s still sweet for helping Ikaros learn how to smile, and suggest a triple date between her, Ikaros and Tomoki. She also knows when she reaches as she refrained from kissing Tomoki because she knows Ikaros might be jealous (well, she did.. but anyway..). I like her the most out of all the girls because her character design is just awesome and her charm is just irresistible. (So cute this scene) Ok, Ikaros also gets a mention for that HNNGHHH glued smile.

I’m pretty sure that this gets a second season. I have no idea how they’ll end it up, but I guess showing Astraea another new character in the preview opens up a lot of possibilities for a second season soon. Now we’ll only have to wait for an announcement, but before all that, catch the finale and let’s see how they will wrap up this season.

ED12: “Akai Hana Shiroi Hana” by Ikaros (CV: Hayami Saori) Show ▼

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  1. FaS says:

    One of my co-writers did a review on ep10 and I have to keep asking myself why I don’t remember hearing about this…haha, but then I remember reading through and dismissing the story. I definitely am trying to get past that and be fair.

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