Seito Kaichou ni Chuukoku OVA


(Hey! Class President OVA – WARNING: Yaoi)

The story goes with Kokusai, who is quite a little bit slow and dumb, happens to be the president of their all boys school. Quite a mystery why he won the elections though with his characteristics lol. Now we get with Chiga, the appointed vice-president for Kokusei. Since Kokusei is really awkward and a huge dummy, Chiga has to take responsibility and keep him out of harm. That includes Kokusei getting molested in the train, and everywhere, lol and lots more.


I love Chiga-kun so much, plus points for those glasses (he also looks hot without ’em too~ it fits his messy hair more without the glasses). Did I mention that his seiyuu is freaking SUGITA TOMOKAZU <333?? Lol. He’s getting cash taking on BL roles lately xD, Sex Pistols would be a follow-up, which premieres this Winter season. I guess the voice really what made Chiga much much hotter. Moving on with the uke, Kokusei is just funny with hit dumbness, though I find his uke reactions really hot. The train scene in particular. Lawl~ his stare is just ukelicious xP.


I haven’t read the manga and I’m unaware if there’s any scanlations out for this manga yet so I can’t say how it’s adapted. All I can say about this OVA is that was totally cute AND HOT~ <3 Lots of blushing. Lol here goes like, Kokusei summons his man-moe powers, then Chiga blushes. After another minute or two Kokusei gets man-moe again then Chiga looks and blushes. lol. It’s so adorable~


There’s smut in here, though no buttsmexing action (sorry issa-sa~) but it’s still hot overall. It’s just lame that the smut is just a huge hallucination with Kokusei asleep while being molested by a perv which entered his house (the black-haired guy). He’s like dreaming it’s Chiga who’s doing him. lol. But hey, at least Chiga came in to the moment Kokusei woke up and there’s the cliche’d “I’ll protect you” stuff and blahblah hug the end ^^. It’s was really adorable and cute (in contrast to Maiden Rose, another yaoi this year) quite funny too, but not as Kirepapa funny, but still enjoyable and hot.

>> More Screenshots Here!


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9 Responses to “Seito Kaichou ni Chuukoku OVA”

  1. Iggy says:

    Ooooooh……where can I download this….?? O____O

  2. AOKO says:

    wow Finally THE OVA !!
    Even though i like shounen-ai more, but i think i’m gonna watch this!!!

  3. issa-sa says:

    Just watched it, and well… honestly it felt so recycled from all the other yaoi OVAs out there already that the only thing that makes this one stand out is that it seemed like it really wasn’t bothering to stand out. (I started yawning within the first few minutes and went “Oh, stop wasting my time with this haphazardly series of cliches and bring on the smut already”) At least I laughed at the Giant Chin of Maiden Rose, but this one was just *nyeh*

  4. *nina-chan* says:

    yaaaaaaaaaaaaay! hearing about this just made my day!! :kyaa2:

  5. ladydeathh says:

    super cool anime. i like it. :kyaa2: it is very beautiful.

  6. Suzu-kun says:

    there IS a manga, i think you can dl it on mangatraders

    and yess this was wayy better than Maiden Rose eww >.> and so cutee too!

  7. madelyn says:

    wow so cute!!!

  8. Chirowae-san says:

    OMG ummm… [*Starts Sweating*] Its BoyxBoy… um Wow…Those pictures gave me a nose bleed :nosebleeds: . If Their Very Passionate About Each Other Then Thats Really Interesting :love: … but still im curious ❓

  9. potato-chan says:

    i really wanna know who the molester is though, im suspecting akutsu hmm

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