New Code Geass Project?


“New Code Geass Project Launch Green-lit! Wait for more info in 2010!!”

What the…? HOW?

UPDATE: Project revealed.

Ok, details were slightly revealed and it’ll be a new manga series to run in Shounen Ace. It’s title Code Geass: Shikkoku no Renya and is set on the Edo period. What we know is that CC will be back and there’s gonna be a new character named Renya (he looks a bit like Lelouch). Renya looks like he has some cyber arm (in Edo period… right). And oh, apparently the other guy in the second pic below looks like a very fem version of Lelouch too (with long hair). Looking forward for more details to be revealed. As long as I know CC is back I have no complaints yet.

Who knows if it’ll be adapted to an anime sometime in the future too?





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28 Responses to “New Code Geass Project?”

  1. zetsubou says:

    wth. cyber arm. haha. let’s just wait and see. too early to judge.

  2. Rin says:

    How a cyber-like arm in the Edo period is something I don’t understand.

  3. L says:

    oh no…! lelouch cant be replaced..

    • fenixdown110 says:

      He’s not. It’s a manga that takes place in some different time period.

  4. :D says:

    OMG WHAT IF the guy on the left is lelouch (R.R. or something, possibly after becoming immortal), and the kid with the automail (FMA lol) is the son of lelouch and C.C.?

  5. kluglater says:

    got a theory:

    2 persons brown eye and purple eye right.

    time wortex from sword of akasha or something.

    leluch in 2

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