METANORN’s WINTER ANIME Catalog: New Anime December/January/February 2009-2010

[Last Update: 11/13 ~ Added airdate for SO・RA・NO・WO・TO]

Kanz: Wow~ Winter season looks…..

Tsui: Depressing?

Kanz: Lol, I was thinking of a better word xDD; As far as I know, Winter Season had always been the best time for catch up on backlogs since there’s really not much stuff in here. We also have some shows on Fall that’ll continue on as well through this season. It’s not always the highlight of every year, so the amount of new anime isn’t that many unlike Spring and Fall ^^.

Tsui: So, will it be “quality over quantity” this season or the recession just continues? Let’s all see in our seasonal preview.

Kanz: Hey that would be my line to welcome~!! Lemme show you how it’s done… *ehem* ~*~*~Welcome to Metanorn’s WINTER ANIME 2010 Catalog!!!!!~*~*~

Tsui: Wow, so cheesy -___-

Kanz: Well, shut up~ at least I pack a lot more energy than you 😛

Tsui: Ok ok ok ok. Anyway, there are really a few amount of new anime revealed this Winter season. Like around 15 on Chartfag’s V1 chart. It’s still the first release though so maybe new anime would be announced to be scheduled this season soon.

Kanz: Let us proceed desu~


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48 Responses to “WINTER ANIME 2010”

  1. I’m VERY SURE of watching DRRR!!

    Katanagatari is a definite watchlist for me too.

    The rest, I need more background first before I make initial impressions . . .

  2. Shi says:

    Yay, winter anime post!
    Not much to watch in winter, though D:
    Still, I’m definetly looking foward to DuRaRaRa!!(since it looks so awesome already), Hidden God(Ryukishi07, ’nuff said), Vampire Bund(blood and gore~) and Eden of the East movie of course.
    Hmm…maybe I’ll be cheking Sora no Woto as well.

  3. mikan-sakura says:

    Wow~ O_O Winter’s here already? Lol at the amount of new shows. I agree, winter always had shows carried over from Fall and it can also be a time to catch-up on everything you’ve missed on this year ^.^

    The line-up is indeed… depressing -_-; only 3 shows I’m sure to watch. DRRR!!, thanks to Kanz’s preview I discovered the awesomeness of it xD. I will also check out Hidden God and Hanamaru Kindergarten as well. The others are so WTF already. Lol breastmilk anime ‘orz.

    Thanks for the fast and awesome preview again as usual ^.^

  4. Faer1dust says:

    I enjoyed reading it too much again and again I failed to get 1st comment… OTL *fails* Anyway, keep up the great work on giving early previews~

    Will be watching Durarara!! for sure and Nodame Finale :3
    Hidden God (Ryuikishi07 + Peach Pit = EPIC WIN!) and Vampire Bund (I’ll see how graphic it will be~), those two would be my replacements for Umineko when it’s over 🙂

    OMG Nanoha, F/SN and Eden movies will be on Japan theaters at the same day??? *faints* :rage: Darn I wish I live there!! T__T

  5. Kiseki says:

    You guys are fast. o_o;

    I don’t exactly think Ookamikakushi translates to Hidden God. Since ookami means both wolf…and god and then wolf has a signifa;JHSGoe[irag.

    DURARARA!! is most obviously awesome.
    I actually really look forward to Sora no Woto. Watching the PV gave me this nice feeling.
    Katanagatari’s art is really pretty~
    Dance in the Vampire Bund looks really good.

    …That was brief.

  6. meteorhouse62 says:

    Lol, small amount of shows next season. Next year we’ll probably have only 5 new anime for Winter :XD:

    Definitely checking out Durarara!! and Vampire Bund for sure :oha:

  7. Armisia says:

    Looking forward to:
    Katanagatari – interesting art style
    Dance in the Vampire Bund – Gory stuff
    Hidden God – The team up of its creators seems awesome
    and Durarara!! – just like everyone else XD

  8. jerry says:

    I’m curious on how Seikon no Qwaser turns out 😆

  9. TJ says:

    Checking out Vampire Bund for sure. The trailer looked sick for that show.

  10. kyon says:

    i will watch durarara ,dance in the vampire bund , soranowoto , hanamaru kindergarten , nodame cantabile finale , katanagatari and hidden god

  11. FuyuMaiden says:

    Why is it that Winter seems to always have the least amount of interesting anime. It should at least be matching up with Summer. But somehow it just feels like it has even less. Disappointing when it’s winter and people in cold areas just want to stay indoors and watch more anime anyway!

    The only one I’m actually guaranteed to watch is Ookamikakushi. Hopefully I get some good surprises though.

  12. Periwinkle says:

    So excited for DURARARA!!
    Might also check out Hidden God and Katanagatari.

  13. maya-nee says:

    HIDDEN GOD by Ryukishi07 is enough for epicness!
    good thing DEEN is not the one who will produce this!

  14. Auntie Heng says:

    wow!! this is fast.. i’m still struggling with the autumn animes… seems like i better store some up for marathoning in winter… ^_^|||

    katana gatari / Durarara (seems like mayoi influenced this) / Seikon no Qwaser / Vampire bund << pathetic 4 for the coming winter… T^T

  15. fenixdown110 says:

    What a small list. I guess it gives me time to recuperate though. :XD:

  16. Ruby says:

    Wow, winter season came out so fast! is that literally the number of shows that are airing?!?!?! hooly cow O_O its so less. Guess I’ll be watching every singe show XD They all look really interesting ^_^

  17. foomafoo says:

    drrr and nodame are the only ones so far which made my cut — still reading other opinions though.

  18. apple cat says:

    Drrr seems interesting ^^
    Still waiting for other info.

  19. Twirble says:

    DURARARA looks awesome! Does anyone know when Uragiri and the second season of Kuroshitsuji are coming out? I thought they were coming out this winter but I dont’ see them here.

  20. Daywish says:

    Looking forward to Durarara and Katanagatari, I’ll probably also check Hidden God and the Vampire one (I mean, lots of blood + SHAFT? Can’t be that bad)

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