The Book of Bantorra – 09


Well what do we have here, more Zatoh/Enlike than what I was expecting. This show just continues to be as unpredictable as ever, for I thought we would be moving on to a new arc, here we have Enlike finally putting a real period to his problem. That was a very awesome episode yet again. I find Enlike really awesome, and I hope he’ll officially become an Armed Librarian.

The old man (Ganbanzel?) was really annoying, good thing he got roasted hard by Enlike’s lightning, I hope he won’t be appearing again even on flashbacks.. lol. Moving on, I find Noloty really sweet. I think she changed Enlike’s mind and just help along with the Armed Librarians instead.

Anyway, it’s really an awesome episode as we get more depth into the characters than what I could imagine. Pretty cool direction for the series. Looking forward for the next episode because it seems like the eccentric lollipop guy Mokania from Episode 5 comes back. And oh, wicked Hamyuts look on the preview is wicked.

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5 Responses to “The Book of Bantorra – 09”

  1. kanzeon says:

    Enlike is so awesome. Noloty x Enlike FTW :7:
    MOKANIA NEXT EP!!!! OMG!!!!!!!!! :omg: :kyaa:

  2. Sylph says:

    Zatoh has pretty awesome powers. Book eating.. I wonder who else can do that besides him

  3. Yeah, Noloty is great, I always fall for the positive girl X emo guy coupling, lol. And the surprise chain continues Show ▼

    btw this is an unrelated question but how do you make your blog.. uh, snowy? can I do that in blogspot or is it exclusive just to wordpress?

  4. TJ says:

    So is Harmutz evil all along? This show is becoming more and more complex.

    Lol I didn’t even notice the guy with the lollipop in episode 5.

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