Kimi ni Todoke – 06


Someone has super stealth rumor-spreading skillz.


We get to see the short “history” of Sawako’s childhood and where did all those rumors about her started. It all started when a kid accidentally called her Sawako, and that continues to go farther and farther with different ridiculous supernatural stuff about her as the years passed by.


And now poor Sawako for still being bullied right now. This time it’s much much worse because she is misunderstood by spreading rumors. And this bitch above is just a f*cking cunt who judges Sawako already. And how dare she calls Yoshida and Yano a criminal and a slut respectively! Anyway, I need to calm down with some amusements like this:


One thing that’s amusing in this episode is Ryuu, and his little looks to Kazehaya.  Let’s count how much he looks. First look.


Second time now..


And here’s the third time.


Fourth time Ryuu looks at Kazehaya. Call me amused xD. More of that later on~ Gawd someone stop me on jumping aboard a new ship -shot-


Anyway back to this moron (hell yeah moron), I just hate all the cornering she’s doing with Sadako. It doesn’t happen in our school so I was really surprised on how students on Japan do bullying.


A big fat DUH!!!~~ It’s Sawako dimwits! How the hell could she spread rumors when she can’t even interact with others properly anyway?!


Haha~ I was amused with this. Well this is soooo realistic. A fight always have to be covered and get sent xoxo-Gossip Girl style xD


Excuse me, we’ll handle it, bitches~ You GO Yano and Yoshida!


H-How dare this bitch (oh wait, she’s ugly… I’ll call her asshole instead) How dare this asshole step on Sawako’s chest!!! >:(( *mad levels increasing*


Yano and Yoshida going O_O O__O @ what’s happening. I’m glad these two really came in so that they won’t misunderstand anymore ^^.


BFFs <3


Mad bitches are mad. Show the asshole who the real head-bitches-in-charge are!


Yoshida is awesome~


Haha~! That’s for you. I love how she look like she’s gonna get stoned to death walking out from the scenario. Also, Kazehaya hitting a big “OUCH!” to her when he said he hates rumors was the finishing blow.


Soooo… CUTE >__<!!! Sorry Kazehaya but I just wanna huggle you instead of taking you seriously because… FFFFF SO MOEZEHAYA xDD;


Look! Look! Ryuu looks for the fifth time xD; Btw, Kazehaya looks really weird sometimes. I was annoyed in some scene on the previous episode where Kazehaya looked jank thanks to the animation. Geez.


Back to the girls’ room, the girls finally fix up the wound in their friendship and Yano gives a hug! Awww~ Yano! So sweet!! And speaking of Yano, I love her for being the most level-headed one in the group. Plus she has a smexxay voice that makes her an anime character I would go les for xD -shot-


Lol @ everything might be misleading in this moment xD. But hey~ girlfriends are girlfriends. Saying “I love you” or hugging from me to another girl would be very open since we girls are already open and comfortable with each other. Group hugs ftw~


So cute! Group chibi hug! Yoshida d’awwws a lot :3


Sawako’s genuine smile~ So beautiful *___*


Everyone’s jealous~ Admit it!


Sixth time Ryuu looked. OMG OMG OMG Ryuu said he doesn’t need to comfort “her” anymore. Haha~ This guy could be easily read. *Pushes him to Yoshida and teases this ship*


Lol @ Pin getting all excited after hearing there is a fight. Pin is just win, I tell you! Poor redhead guy who bumped him bad xDD;


But too bad the commotion’s over, well, there’s no commotion between the three anyway ^^; Haha~ Pin is pure lulz for being disgusted by all the dorama happening xD. I also enjoy Yano and Pin’s interactions too since the previous episode. Stupid-but-win teacher getting owned by awesome student FTW.


Kazehaya’s happeh~ And all the world turned to white. Btw, it’s really awesome of him not to dig his nose forcely in the situation and just let the girls do their thing, while still cheering for Sawako. Thank god he’s not another “I’mma knighat in shining armor to rescue her! *raids the girls’ room*” type.


Of course, Kazehaya blushes. This dude blushes more than Sawako does. AND Sawako blushed for Yano and Yoshida more. Lol.


Anyway, Sawako’s winning at life all again~ She might drop a little bit on the top rankings on the exams but at least she helped most of the class to score high ^^.


Lol. Sawako’s spreading her luv.


Kazehaya doing a >:O face cracked me up so much~ Lol, this dude is a bit possessive, isn’t he? XD Getting jealous to Yano and Yoshida just because he wants alone time for Sawako huh? You possessive moe kettle you~


Sawako smiled back at him…


Kazehaya = OTL MODE



Oh my god xD;;; This dude is just hilarious xDDD; Poor Kazehaya, I wanna pat his head but I think it’s quite hot because he steams off from blushing too much~


But oh wait, you think that the awesome is over? Ryuu’s 7th look… But wait… wait…


*yawns* Damn, fuck shoujo. I’d rather rule my very own harem land.



>> More Screencaps @ Komatome


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8 Responses to “Kimi ni Todoke – 06”

  1. fumme says:

    MOEZEHAYA!! hahaha! word of the day. 😀

    I love the episode.. going crazy looking for the subbed one since the raw came out.. the only bad parts (blasphemy!) is the sometimes jankiness of sawako and moezehaya.. and it was reaaaally, reaaallllly CHEESY when yano and yoshida replied in chorus (who replies in chorus?!) it was soooo uncool.

    PIN! PIN is absolute love. :)) and ryuu was more awesome in the manga. he was so random…

  2. Ashelea says:

    Kazehaya is getting more and more cuter by the episode~
    Gawd. That chibi look he made was so cuuute! >wants plushie nao<
    Lol @ MOEZEHAYA~ Indeed :thumb:

    Yano and Yoshida are awesome people. They are quite cheesy sometimes but I enjoy the cheese they're bringing XD. I love the huggling scene so much! I was areally almost gonna cry but the chibis and stuff balances it with light humor so I didn't continued crying.

    RYUU!!! This guy can have his harem land whenever he wants because he's darn awesome! tsk.tsk. seven times, i smell he’s getting affected by Kazehaya’s moe powers~ +shot+

  3. meteorhouse62 says:

    Finally the rumor dorama is gone~ All they have to do is catch the Hirano Aya girl whom I believe is the real mastermind of them all D:<

  4. FerSurePhantom says:

    MOEZEHAYA!! God, he really does get more adorable with every episode. If Ryuu looks at him so much in the next episode I’m gonna ship those two so much XD!!

  5. LuluChan92 says:

    Kazehaya’s irritated chibi face is so KAWAIIIIIII!!! I went all “KYAAAAAAAAAAAAAH” when I saw it (and my bro thought I finally snapped and went bananas)! Of course I entered directly at my WP account as soon as I finished watching this single scene!

    And Ryou-kun is PURE LULZ!!! Especially at the end of the episode!

    “*yawns* Damn, fuck shoujo. I’d rather rule my very own harem land.”

    HELL YEAH! That’s why I like you, Kanzie-chan!!! :kyaa2:

  6. issa-sa says:

    KAZEHAYA OMOCHIKAERI!!!!!! *swats away pesky RyuuXKazehaya ship flies*

  7. Misu says:

    “It all started when a kid accidentally called her Sawako…”
    Did you mean Sadako?

    Also, I am so stealing your use of moe kettle.

  8. yoshi^^ says:

    Awesome episode. I love the part where Pin rushes on the scene. Pin = Win

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