Kampfer ED Single – One Way Ryou Omoi


Kampfer ED Single – “One Way Ryou Omoi” by Senou Natsuru, Sakura Kaede (CV: Inoue Marina, Nakajima Megumi)


01 One Way Ryou Omoi
02 Tatakae Moralism
03 One Way Ryou Omoi -unstoppable delusion≒mpulse-
04 One Way Ryou Omoi (instrumental)

[w/ scans]


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8 Responses to “Kampfer ED Single – One Way Ryou Omoi”

  1. Gantoris says:

    Lol….. everytime i hear this song it reminds me of the super fast waist breaking move which only anime charaters can do XD Thx for the song btw! Love it!

  2. KT says:

    Please put some other place other than MediaFire – they seem to have some issues with secure browsing, almost like they are trying to push viruses or other malware onto computers. I dont know when they started this garbage, but its not good.

    • KT says:

      MediaFire seems to have removed the offending code – or maybe it was a malware ad trying to take over.

  3. mt252 says:

    Track 3 isn’t included in the file

  4. tsuiteru says:

    Added ShareBee link. Yeah, MediaFire is screwing up at the moment ”orz.

  5. Peppe says:

    There’s no third song 🙁

  6. tsuiteru says:

    Must be because of its filename. Sorry, will re-upload it.

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