Hetalia Axis Powers – America Character Songs



Y SO AWESOME? SO AWESOME CAPS LOCK IS NEEDED FOR THE AWESOMENESS. *heart explodes of pure happiness* It so epic… Yeah, it’s not intended to be musically great, but it’s just amusing and addicting omg. America’s such an adorable dork~. God I love America!!! He indeed said “I’m sexy!” and gawd I died a bit there xD; Konishi Katsuyuki seems like a masochist singing these songs but I love him being very dedicated to this <3… tsyedbfgahnsufynsufy OVERALL, JUST AWESOME OMG. Ugh, I’m gonna say more but I guess I need to put up the download now

Hamburger Street [Download]

WDC [Download]

And there’s also the Mini-Drama part America and England on the same bed omg… fairies ftw:

England and the Ghost in America’s House [Download]


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14 Responses to “Hetalia Axis Powers – America Character Songs”

  1. Lucorinth says:

    Thank you so much! America is so silly~</3 :kyaa2:

  2. XDD I started fangirling so much when I listened to it too. It is indeed epic! Adorable dork! That’s the right word to describe him! Anyways, I totally agree that it is just plain addicting and a fun song.

    Ah! Mini drama! *runs to download*

    Again, thanks for the downloads! 😀

  3. Faer1edust says:

    O M G
    Thanks for the link

  4. yuniko says:

    Thank you!!!
    Alfred :love:

  5. sao says:

    awww~ Thank your! *__*~

    orrr~ but the download for the mini drama doesn’t working ;_;

  6. JSam says:

    Thank you!! :cheer:

  7. Nali says:

    LOL, America’s english is so terrible ^^
    But I love him anyway~

    Go USA!

  8. HerrySis says:

    ano… can you upload the instrument version?! more better in RAR or ZIP, thax before 😀
    your website is RAWWWKKK!!!

  9. Kresily says:

    :cute: Danke, Danke, Danke~<3
    He tenido que esperar, sufrir, aguantar tanto 😥 de verdad !! Arigatou !!!
    I love Alfred !! :kyaa2: :cheer:

  10. Proudiez says:

    Can you upload the full album? In zip or rar?
    Thanks in advance.

    >< Give me more Hamburger!! XD

  11. Gami says:

    Is it me, or is the quality on these songs really bad? Same with Russia’s.

    • Maski says:

      I DON’T EVEN

      You can run, but you cannot hide.

      Masko watches you like a hawk, Gami. >:3

  12. weqsd says:

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