Bakemonogatari – 13


Moar loliconogatari with loli raep-molester loliconrarararararagi

Sorry about the lateness of this post. I watched this episode before but I’m having our college clearances followed by enrollments and stuff so I’m swamped to hell I have absolutely no time to blog. So now, we finally have the continuation of Bakemonogatari right now, after the end of its TV run. We now continue on with the Tsubasa Cat arc.


Ararararararaaragi sorry I stuttered is clearly a lolicon, ghost girl or not. More proof in this episode. Damn, this guy… Tsk tsk tsk. Poor Mayoi for being molested so early on the morning by a guy who’s still hung over after a super date under the summer sky with Senjougahara…err I mean HITAGI.

But after some molesting, wicked biting from Mayoi and insta-heal from Ararararararaaragi, Mayoi shared something to him that she saw Shinobu, the loli-vampire by Meme’s side, outdoor on a donut shop. Well, that was quite a surprising reveal.


Getting over to Araragi’s girlfriend-slash the smartest girl in school who exclusively tutors him right now she dyed her hair black?, Hitagi, she’s still as awesome as ever and always manages to shine all throughout the entire episode in her scene. But before all, fhgvskduvt they didn’t really plan to show the kissing zfsakfn *shakes fist* >.> Damn. But hey, Hitagi’s all through out awesome again and she’s definitely missed. I love how she mentions her ever-great seiyuu Chiwa Saito, and I seriously lol’d on that scene. Araragi going “We’re on an anime?!” was lolz too.


So now let’s get on with the star of this arc, Tsubasa. And wow, she’s on a hat and cat-printed PJs… At first I actually thought it’s Nadeko on the scene where she’s facing back on the playground. And what a pervert Araragi is for asking her to take off her coat to showcase her big breasts more. Tsk tsk, we all know your antics, Loliconrarararagi-kun.

The two blabber, and blabber and blabber… Lots of random stuff that I personally didn’t really enjoy at all. Not saying it’s really dull or boring, but I must say I enjoy the interactions between Araragi and Hitagi, Kanbaru or Mayoi more. Horie Yui’s performance is still as amazing as ever though, and she just has something I never get tired of hearing. She’s one iconic seiyuu.

We get to find out that Tsubsa had cat ears, so the two head on towards Meme, which seems unlikely “busy” now. Meme seems to be becoming more and more of a sarcastic jerk now by insulting Araragi with different things. Don’t know if it’s really intentional or not. Anyway, Meme says that Tsubasa’s under a cat spirit, Sawari Neko.


We finally have Tsubasa’s inner white cat girl awakened, and let’s see more on the next installment.

The first third of this three-part webcast episodes is still as entertaining as ever. Though I thought there’s gonna be something special with the animation after the week long delay, but it felt like a regular TV episode anyway. And I also miss watching this show on quality ;__;

What they showed about Shinobu was pretty interesting, so I wonder how if ever we would reach that part. I really wonder if they will get on with that, but I hope so.

Can’t wait for the next installment, dammit! No revealed schedule date for the next installment yet, but I’ll keep you all updated in the Chat Box on the left sidebar.

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5 Responses to “Bakemonogatari – 13”

  1. Metalsnakezero says:

    Hot cat girl in PJs and a loli rape, this has to be the best anime out there.

  2. TJ says:

    Araragi is a pervert. He needs to be taken off the streets lol.

    Hanekawa in this episode is a like a version of Nadeko for us non-lolicons. Yum yum.

  3. meteorhouse62 says:

    Hanekawa is the bomb! Though I still like Senjougahara more. I missed Mayoi too, too bad she gets loli-raep’d by loliconraragi.

  4. JIki says:

    Araragi is so Lucky,
    I still can not decide who is more beautiful.

  5. Jyang says:

    Hi, I was reading through you’re posts about Bakemonogatari because I just finished watching it and wanted to see how others felt about it xD But it seems like you didn’t blog the rest?

    “The two blabber, and blabber and blabber… Lots of random stuff that I personally didn’t really enjoy at all. Not saying it’s really dull or boring,”

    The stuff about the radio said here becomes LOL jokes in ep 14~ xD Ookumaneko = panda was quite amusing too xP

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