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We’re now on the third story of Blue Literature, namely “Kokoro”, which is a novel by Natsume Souseki. I haven’t read the novel yet, so obviously I can’t compare this adaptation to the original and this will only come from a non-reader’s view.

At first I thought it’ll be just your typical love triangle story, Sensei having his friend (K) live with him, a girl he really likes, and her mother. Sensei starts being jealous when K looks like he’s hitting the girl, then so on and so forth. In the end, Sensei got chosen to marry the girl, while K commits suicide which left a full question mark on my face. Good thing that we have this to air both episodes on the same week.

On the second episode, we still have the same story, but in a different perspective. It’s on K this time. We get to learn that everything’s just all misunderstanding thanks to a human’s imagination. Add that is the girl’s mother that really doesn’t like K. Now we get to know the reason why he committed suicide. And also, now we know that K is not really some perverted, scary big guy who has his eyes on the lady. The end of the second episode was a bit disturbing with his blood scattered everywhere in the room and his corpse in there, and it’s sad that he died but I guess he died happily with that glowing sunflower…thingy.

Overall, it’s good and thought provoking as usual. The idea of presenting something from two different ways of thinking is awesome. Aoi Bungaku is still the best, if not one of, this season. Looking forward to the next arc to see what it could offer. I’ll blog the next arc, while Kanzeon will handle the last two arcs again.

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  1. leakh says:

    Hey, just wanted to say, from someone who read it–they have the basic parts down, but I was O.O at some of the details…for example, K did not write either of those things…..wth….not that I didn’t like it, but it…made me twitch…plus they are missing like half the book in there….^^; and K scared me w/ his hugeness…I did NOT get the sense he was like that in the book…..

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