Aoi Bungaku – 04


Last episode of Ningen Shikkaku

That was one fantastic closure for the Ningen Shikkaku arc. There’s a huge time leap for the story, but it’s still flowing smoothly as ever up till the end. Really awesome.

Lots of stuff happened already. We now have Youza married to the girl with the red umbrella on the previous episode. Youzo’s “proposal” was hilariously cool because he just went on like “Hey, are you a virgin?” to the girl, then he went on asking her to help him change and stop his vices. There’s also a huge change to his friend as well. At first, I didn’t recognized him at first because he shaved his head, but it turns out that he joined the military to face a new life, and he’s no longer the friend who always drags Youzo in different wrong business.

He also finds a living by drawing manga, other than that, Youzo also found out that his father died as well. But it seems like he doesn’t care much about it. When everything on Youzo’s life is now in order, Youzo finds out his wife getting raped (?)… Wait, is she getting raped or she’s just having sex with another man who passed by in their house? But yeah, not to mention Youzo’s friend leaving him alone now, Youzo loses his control and everything goes downward spiral again. He took lots of pills, and that was a really crazy scene. Youzo’s getting Light Yagami crazy in his faces this episode again.  The scene where he just picked up the pills and ate them like crazy was freaky.

He LUCKILY ends up still living, and he’s now planned to get in a mental rehabilitation. The two women he slept with are still by his side, and it’s definitely heart warming that they still care for him and see to it that he’s still a nice human who’s only corrupted by several problems.

Overall, it was an amazing arc. I can’t wait for the next one. By the way, Aoi Bungaku gets a theatrical release this Winter. It’s a wrap-up of all four episodes in one film.

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