Umineko no Naku Koro ni – III-III


Sparkly battle is sparkly~


Continuing where we left off, we’re now in the grand showdown between the two Beatrices!!! Well, I’ll call the other one Virgilia to set her apart from the current Beato ^^.


Beato summons twin towers!! SO AWESUM!!!


Seriously, that power’s seriously cool. On both Beato’s and Virgilia’s sides ^^.


“Yeah baby yeah!!!”


WHAT THE HELL ARE THOSE?!?! Beato’s summoning CG thing… thingies!!! Their weapon? They’re made of freaking CG!!! Automatic eye burn to the enemies!


Ok, insert something that could describe this. Beato’s powers and summons are just insanely awesome~


WTH. Tell me that Beatrice getting stabbed is a joke.. She’s too fierce to get stabbed in just 14 episodes! T___T


Don’t worry Beato, you still look fabulous in bloodbath.


I really don’t know if it’s “eww” or “LOL” I should react in this scene. I laughed though, maybe because apart from sadistic pleasure, it’s really cool to see blood frothing from your mouth XD.


Oh wait, someone forgot about something…


Virgilia, is that something on your chest? Yup~ You’re dead.


Beato wins before the match even started!! Yay~ Beato does her happy dance XD. Everyone follow!


I always love when the chessboard thing plays out. So Virgilia is now an eaten piece, haves her Meta form, and she decides to team up with Battler! Good thing Battler finally had someone in his side, it’s just ironic that she’s a witch, whom he still doesn’t believe in.


Beware Beato and Ronove~ Your opposition now has a supporter~ ^^.


Obligatory pointy Battler gif~


And lol when Ronove tried to make Beato shut up xD. It’s interesting to see Beato showing a really childish side more and more as the series go by. That would probably not do her any good since she’s decides about the Red Texts so fast. Good thing Ronove can think.


Moving on to the reality right now, Eva seems like she’ll be getting a major role in this arc since there’s another EVA by her side.


And looks like she finally find the gold!!! What will she do now? What will she buy first? Shoes? Fur? Food? XDD

Preview: III-IV [15] – isolated pawn


Lol about the lateness. Fall shows kept on coming and I got too distracted by all of them and almost made me forgot that I’m still blogging Umineko XD. This is quite my problem with 24-26-episode anime these days to be honest, I get tired of them quickly everytime a new season comes and they go dropping to the bottom of my watch list. Hope that won’t happen with Umineko, but I’m it won’t anyway since they’re keeping things very interesting and entertaining ^^.

Moving on with the episode, I really love it. The fight was very entertaining. And even hough it’s quite short, I love Beatrice’ powers shown. I also love the murder of six different people in six different rooms and have each key for them one by one. It’s just really getting exciting ^^. I can’t wait what happens next~

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5 Responses to “Umineko no Naku Koro ni – III-III”

  1. Shi says:

    Oh wow, we’re going to see Eva-Beatrice next time~
    Recently Umineko is getting more awesome with every episode. <3

  2. LuluChan92 says:

    Well, episodes get soooo funny as the storyline goes (and with that I include “more awesome”, too)!!!

    I really wanna see how this arc ends, but I guess I’m concentrating too far ahead…

    And Battler has to cooperate with a WITCH??? LOL, I feel sorry for him, having to time up with Virgilia, but that’s only because he wants to prove that witches don’t even EXIST??? Well, on the other hand, Virgilia’s explanation about how magic works is so nice that even Batto-kun could (or maybe should?) believe in it. Anyways, I just like her!!!

    Okay, Beato puking blood and Beato in this episode in general was the very least of the story… But Eva finding the gold makes us realise that we’ll now meet Eva-Beatrice and that’s really good, storyline-wise!

    That’s all for me. See ya when the next episode comes out!!!

  3. Xiao says:

    Ah, I wish the fight could’ve lasted a little longer to show more magic but knowing DEEN, what can you do?
    Anyways, I went “EWW!” at Beato vomiting up…I can’t even call it blood. It looks like undigested HAMBAAAGAAA!! Beato, didn’t Madam Beato tell you not to play with magic right after eating? xD;

    LOL And she’s actually trolling Miley Cyrus’s “Hoedown Throwdown” (don’t ask me why I remember the name of that song *saw it on a meme quiz or whatever*). “Pop idol bitch, THIS is how you do it, witch’s style!” xDDDD

    Yay! We finally even the odds with Lia! Lia~! <333
    Haha, this is probably the first serious time we have ever delved into any mystery, huh? Well, I’m glad for it cuz now the dialogue doesn’t sound like a drag. Not that Battler and Beato at each other’s throats is but Beato’s just had too much of an unfair advantage till now. But that was fun, too. LOL xD;

    And I’ll tell you what Eva’s gonna do first! She’s gonna act like a kid, climb that pile of gold and sit on it! >8DDD
    …Oh wait, that’s what I would do. Plus some evil self-proclaiming “KING OF THE WORLD!!!1one” and crazy psycho laughing. Hahaha

    *sigh* Anyways, yea, I can understand this being pushed aside for the awesomness of fall. Unless halfway through the new season, everyone drops like half of what they’re watching for whatever reasons. 😛
    Well, can’t wait to see Show ▼

    ! <3

  4. Eri says:

    -You traitors, I won’t drop on these series 😡
    -Fall anime is here :oha:
    -Oh, go **** Umineko

    Anyways this was THE episode. Sparkly battle IS sprakly and crazy-evil-Eva-Beatriice-bish IS crazy!!!

  5. MC is a totally talented artist. I listen to all of her songs.

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