Shakugan no Shana S – OVA 1


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Oh wow. I really lol’d so hard in this OVA XDDD!!! Being a major YuujixShana shipper, I giggled so much and I loved it even though this totally senseless and just for fanservice xDDD.

I heard that this OVA took place in between season 2 to the upcoming third.We have Yuuji and Shana switching bodies. Shana now under Yuji’s control and vice versa. OOC awkwardness and comedy ahead~ Yuuji in Shana’s body is totally hilarious to watch xDD. I observed him to act more girlier than the real Shana lol. There are still genderbending cliche jokes, like the skirt thing and the shower thing, but I still enjoyed it overall. I’m also glad there’s less Yoshida in this OVA… Because bitch is just fucking annoying, to be honest.

So bottomline is, it was a fun, brainless watch just to see Yuuji and Shana fiddle around. I’m still having worries on how the third season would look like after how shitty season two had been though. Not having any hopes on the third season at all.

Mentionable Mentions:


Shana outside


Shana inside

Ok, I lol’d’m lol’ing so much on Shana-Tsundere!Yuji xDDD. I know Shana’s inside him, but it’s still Yuji’s body so it’s totally hilarious xDD. Plus, seeing him push the hell out of Shana isn’t something you gotta see everyday xDD.


LOLZ @ Yuji (Shana inside, but Yuji’s voice) take on her infamous line, “Urusai! Urusai! Urusai!” xDDD.


Lol @ these two so much~ xDDD


I have nothing to say in here but pure lolness…

Srs Wilhemins is srsly eating ~d’arimasu


Shana: “Wilhemina… DAISUKI!”

Wilhemina is like, paralyzed for life xDDD. So that’s her weakness~ xD


Ugh, almost kissed =___=. But take note Shana’s still in Yuji’s body in there, so Shana’s taking the initiative xDD~ But lol at the thought of kissing someone who has your face though xD.


(back to their own bodies) Awww~ Shana’s so mean to eat 20-30 ice popsicles while on Yuji’s body even know she knows he won’t take it xDD.

OP and ED: Show ▼

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6 Responses to “Shakugan no Shana S – OVA 1”

  1. Shi says:

    So OOC, so fun~
    This OVA episode was really cute, since I ship them too. <3
    And somehow I like the OVA more than the actual seasons, lol.

  2. Xiao says:

    Eh? We’re still having a third season? I’m so confused. I heard that, and then an OVA so I thought those two got mixed up or something. *sigh* Oh well. At least Yoshida doesn’t have to be a drag anymore (I hope) and I want to see Sarai no Hebi Yuuji already. *fusses* >:/

    But this OVA was cccyyyuuutttee~!
    I like how the seiyuus kept the characters intact even though they had to play the opposite gender. That was fun to listen to. lol

    The “DAISUKI!” part was hilarious (tons of melon pan as a reward, lol) and Shana cockblocking herself made me giggle.

  3. fenixdown110 says:

    This episode definitely full of win for me. :thumb: Shana being more cute due to Yuji was hilarious and cute. :love: Yes, I said cute. I hope the next ones will be just as entertaining.

  4. Ravaris says:

    Considering this is an OVA and mostly filler I have to say this turned out well. And I’m usually not a fan of body switching episodes. But this was done right.

  5. paloma says:

    estan geniales las imagenes por qe ya yuji no se deja intimidad y shana ya es mas normal y se ven graciosos las qe mas me gustaron son la primera de ellos 2 y la donde casi se estan apunto de besarse

  6. paola says:

    is good

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