Nyan Koi – 01



Junpei hates cats. He has an allergy with them, and as much as possible, he wants to be away with them. Pretty much the opposite of him is his own love interest, Kaede, who loves cats so much.

While walking home from school one day, he suddenly kicks an empty can and stumbles into a cat deity statue and accidentally, its head falls off. Junpei now gets cursed, as he’s now able to hear cats talking and he must grant 100 requests from cats or else he’ll turn into a cat himself.


OP: Nyanderful! (にゃんだふる!)” by Yui Sakakibara


Lol. That was a pretty nyantastic title for an OP. The OP was quite decent. It’s animated really well to look cute with all the nekomimis around. I love how it shows how freaking huge the cast is, and look, there are two blonde lolis in twintails. I can guess that’s everyone’s favorite part of the OP. Another trivia btw is that Yui Sakakibara will be voicing one of the cats in the show as well.


ED:Strawberry ~Amaku Setsunai Namida~ (Strawberry~甘く切ない涙~)” by Asami Imai


The ED was slightly better than the OP, even though it’s still the same ol’ generic J-pop song. The animation is still cutesy overall. This time it only shows the main characters.

To be honest, I overlooked Nyan Koi in the Fall line-up, expecting that this is ust another generic and boring harem show with crappy animation but I was totally proven wrong! I’m lovin’ the first episode of this show. Probably the first ‘hit’ for me this Fall season. Well, basing on first impressions only, and this might be one of the romance-comedy shows that I will like this season if they’ll stick to being clean. I’m also planning to pick up the manga now, btw~

Moving on with the voice acting, one thing I was so amused in here is Jun Fukuyama voicing the cat, Tama. SO CUTE TO BITS!!! I also can’t wait for another Haruka Tomatsu role in this show (Akari) since she had been one of my favorite seiyuus currently as she’s performing really well so far. About the leads, we have Shintaro Asanuma voicing the cat-hater Junpei while Yuka Iguchi (of Index fame) plays his crush Kaede. I actually like the chemistry and I’m starting to grow on listening to the characters.

What definitely wins about the series is the main reason why I checked it out in the first place: CATS! Oh god sooooo much cat-service I’m gonna faint. The comedy is there, and I guess it’s effective. I giggled a bit on Kaede being a cat loving freak while the cat is traumatized on her. Lots of funny moments, actually. So yeah, I’m definitely sticking on watching this show. Not sure about blogging though, but I might if there would be some awesome fangirling moments.

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9 Responses to “Nyan Koi – 01”

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  2. Faer1edust says:

    OMG looks so cute!! :aww: I’ll check this one out for my first show to watch this fall.

  3. Ashelea says:

    Oh finally a show this Fall I can find worth watching so far~ All shows airing so far (from Queen’s Boobs, Asura to Kampfer) are all pretty meh to me. I’m giving this one a try. Looks really cute! I LOVE CATS!!! Cats make everything WIN. And did you say a Jun Fukuyama cat? :nosebleeds: lol.

  4. fenixdown110 says:

    I’ll be checking this out asap. Reminds me of my friend’s cat. It loves rubbing on my leg. lol

  5. meteorhouse62 says:

    It was pretty nice. I hate cats so I guess I can find the lead guy someone I could relate to (though I just hope I won’t get cursed :XD: )

  6. Xiao says:

    I laughed so hard. First episode was full of awesome win sauce.

    Jun Fukuyama: DAN-NA!”


    And Nyamsus is pure gold, I tell you, pure gold.

    As for the rest, I’m really liking the comedy and that’s all I can really say (I need subs~! 😥 ). Can’t wait to hear the rest of the cast. Lol, piling up that moe much with the twin-tailed twins? XD;

  7. Kitsune says:

    Ahhh… What have you done?! Cuteness overload!

  8. mefloraine says:

    The only thing I can honestly say I’m planning on watching oat the moment (might change once I start it though). It looks cute, if a little cliched.

  9. Machinany gun says:

    While watchin the ED video I noticed the cats below were eerily singing with the video. Not interested in love comedies though so I’ll let this one fly over me. Seems amusing for cat lovers at least.

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