Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu ~Purezza – 02


“Please put it in~”


This episode started off with loooong minutes of pointless fanservice and misleading-ness everyone thought Yuuto and Haruka had been doing something, but it turns out that these two are only making a gddamn doujinshi. But I always love the Nogizaka family-and-household team always in the back of our couple, always misunderstanding stuff and all. It’s also nice to see Haruka’s parent’s back, her mom is awesome as always, with her control for her overprotective dad and all. So I bet we owe like a part of the show to them because they make NHnH funnier and more entertaining.

So yeah, moving over now, this episode seems to have no connection to the previous one. We have Haruka planning out to make a Lacrosse (the anime they’re watching with characters looking like their real selves xD) doujinshi with Yuuto helping her, then aiming for a con. But Haruka’s drawings made him nervous. I personally like Haruka’s drawings tbvh. Ok, they aren’t super-pixiv-material, but hey, I can’t draw either… ”orz. So seeing something better than my drawings are already awesome in my standards :3.


Since warriorhope wants a gif of ballerina!Haruka, here ya go~ 😀

Isn’t Haruka the most cute when she’s spazzing with happiness and excitement~? D’aww. She’ll be selling doujinshi even though she’s already an ojou-sama for the experience ^^. That’s our otaku-ojousama~


Nobunaga is one of my MAJOR favorite characters of the show. I like him! He’s an expert otaku who knows best ad is always there to support Yuuto and secretly ship them as well xD. And thanks to him because without his words of advices, Yuuto wouldn’t be able to realize teh essence of making a doujinshi.


So finally, someone bought a doujinshi of Haruka!!! YAAAY~ *tears of joy* So happy for her… And Yuuto definitely gives a special glomp gift because if weren’t for his shameless (and embarassing) shouting to pimp out her work, it wouldn’t get attention. Hooray~


D’aww~ Ok, I’d probably add so much freaking “awww”s on my reaction because these two are just absolutely cute and adorable bits of good cheesy fluff.

I enjoyed this episode again just like the first one, I guess because all the romance between Haruka and Yuuto is just very cheesy-guilty-pleasure and I giggle so much on their relationship. I should just ride along on how these two enjoy little things one by one because it’s just very sweet and fluffy stuff without having thing taking a drastic turn yet. The thing that’s starting to bother me is on how long they will keep being two innocent little lovebirds that could give a kindergarten couplette a run for their money. I also enjoy the household so much. Thanks to them they’e the saving grace of the show for balancing out the fluff with comedy.

The preview for the next episode is also funny with Mika’s “tsundere” terminology lesson. It’s obvious that we get to see Shana and Taiga there, both are voiced by Rie Kugimiya, voicing Alice in this show and another character yet to appear now~.


So where’s Shiina in this episode? She’s now used as rape-bait for the drunken lesbians of the show. She can get useful there while Yuuto and Haruka are having doki-doki moments of their own 😛 This scene is kind of a mood breaker but still, props to these drunk women for keeping her away xD.

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