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(Manga Digest is back after a long while~ Sorry about the super long absence of the feature since I have school and I can’t fit blogging manga into my already-tight schedule so I sticked with blogging anime only on the past months. Now that our finals are over, I’ll be resuming the digests again so enjoy them for the meantime :P. There are changes too, from the collage before, I made them into slides ^^. Nine manga are featured here, now let’s get it on with the digest~!)


.: MEDAKA BOX – chapter.23

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(I don’t give a shit about this manga anymore. What the hell’s happening right now? UGH. Medaka Box is turning into a huge disappointment, while Ishin is like, not caring anymore about feedback. I only like Zenkichi from this point now on to be honest. Everything’s just nonsense and stupid. This manga fails now, such a shame on how promising it looked at the start…)

Ok, LOLZ I should stop the number abuse speak xDD, moving on with normal talk now~~~



Fun chapter as usual~ I lol’d quite a few times too xD. It’s awesome how the manga broke the peeping in the onsen cliche, and got the plan with them backfired when Adachi ended up the one peeking on the guys xDDD.

I love how they all stayed and shared the same room too xD. The card game was fun, lol at Shinagawa for starting out a card game with the loser ends up revealing his/her own crush, but it ended up as himself losing XD. Too bad he didn’t revealed his crush, who’s actually the girl without the glasses he met since the exams day.

What totally made me fangirl about the chapter so much is that romance is totally getting implied! OMG… Why the hell can’t Shinagawa identify that his crush is already right there?! Hana!!! OMG why can’t he notice that it’s the same girl… lol. Hana has a mole beside her eye, plus we also got to see her with hair down now already. I can’t wait for next chapter.


.: BEELZEBUB – chapter.34

Fufufufufufufu~~~~ So much BL fanservice as usual xDDD. Baby BL is now back to Oga again~ ^^. Which is definitely cute and nice. I love the last page so much~ Very cute and funny. So yeah, nothing much to say but the end of this arc (?) is quite nice and I’m glad to see BL back to Oga again.


.: DEADMAN WONDERLAND – chapter.15

OMGOMGOMG!!! Suspenseful chapter!!! But very awesome nonetheless. MOCKINGBIRD IS FREAKING AWESOME AS HELL. That’s why he’s my third favorite character of this manga 😛 His powers are just freaking cool~

The action is awesome as usual, though the chapter lacks more Shiro. But nonetheless it was awesome. The ending was total WTF. OMG. I hope Hummingbird won’t die!!!!! It’s confusing because in the second to the last panel, we got to see her stabbed by a huge rock that fell on her, but on the other panel, there’s none… OMG I HOPE SHE WON’T DIE!!! She’s too awesome of a bitch to die just like that T____T… Same goes to Senji too… T___T I love them both!!!!!1 Damn cliffhanger!!!


.: BARAJOU NO KISS – chapter.10

Seiran… T_____T… *bawws for eternity* Really, I would be really sad if he continues to get the sacrifice… T^T So yeah~ We’re getting in to the serious stuff with the manga.. Can’t wait what will happen next chapter. We’re now getting into the angst and dilemmas of the manga ^^. Poor Kaede btw, because it looks like he’s the one who’s mostly affected about Seiran T___T.

Glasses sensei is so d’aaaawwwww when he was crying. And I love the scene where Anise comforted him. Seems like sensei’s entering the harem xDDD. Btw, Anise’s dad is HAWT! Oh lawd~ his panel on the last page~ >8DDDDDD *drools*


.: SHINOBI LIFE – chapter.33

Wow this manga is so hard to keep up to. It’s getting very confusing with how things get mixed up here and there with all the time travelling stuff and our past, present and future selves. Who ever thought that there’s no shoujo with depth has to see this one out! xD

I wonder when will Beni and Kagetora be united though, because the possibilities about them getting separated is just getting more and more longer. We have Kagetora meeting Beni’s parents while they younger. I can’t wait to see what happens next~


.: KARNEVAL – chapter.15

Very enjoyable chapter again~!! Haha!! ALL HAIL MY OTP Gareki x Yogi because their interactions are just freakin’ hilarious. Yogi got beaten down by Gareki again xDDD. Poor Yogi~

Nai is also uber cute in this episode. We get to see him in a fancy costume that’ll definitely add more moe points~ ^^. Overall, it was a fierce chapter. I love all of their outfits again. Gareki just looks oh-so-hot in formal wear *fetish* and… horns XD. Btw, did anyone noticed how Tsukumo looks sooooo effin’ HAWT in that mermaid costume? OMG I really love her character~ She’s very pretty and cute ^^.


.: KIMI NO IRU MACHI – chapter.65

Well good thing that Shiho didn’t last for long, but I doubt that this would be the last of seeing her yet. I don’t really like her. And yet again, I don’t like every new girl popping out of nowhere in the story.

If this would really pull off yet again another new girl popping up thing that Haruto will fall in love with, or vice versa, I would really be pissed off already since that is TOO repetitive in this storyline. At least Kikukawa now is dating the other guy whose name I forgot but he seems hotter than Haruto anyway so I’m happy for both of them. The question is, when will this thing stopped being stretched already? It’s too dragged and stretched so much it’s not even funny anymore. It should have ended like twenty chapters before, to be honest, but it seems like Seo Kouji plans to explore more about the long distance relationship of Haruto and Eba.

What I can definitely see coming though, is that Eba would be misunderstood sometime by Haruto and Haruto finds himself going back to Nanami, because let’s face it, bitch had been losing her spotlight. So yeah, but I won’t hope it’ll happen because it’ll get dragged to hell again. UGH.


.: KUROSHITSUJI – chapter.38

Yet again another fantastic chapter of Kuroshitsuji, leaving us in a “WTF?” note at the end. Really, the last part was very intriguing. But all in all it was an enjoyable chapter again~

There are brand new characters getting introduced in this new arc, starting with the Charles Duo. They seem pretty HAWT and deadly~ perfect combination ^^. I really like the taller guy with the mole xDD. I lol’d when he arranged Finn xD. I thought he’ll kill him but not~ So cute ^^. The other character seems like an interviewer guy who remembers the past Earl before. I wonder how he’s gonna play on the story later on.

And total WTF at the end… Sebastian got murdered?!?!? He better not be… I can’t wait for next chapter nao!!!


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  1. Eri says:

    247852 079019 213406971 15056897 1440955867 142906842904687452 5135862785 5246713964 37563785=5375638776!!!!

    (For a moment there I thought something was wrong with the post xD and yeah MEDAKA BOX=FAIL!!!!)

  2. warriorhope says:

    Were they quoteing pi or something? O_o

  3. TJ says:

    Medaka Box turned into a bunch of random stuff. No idea where that mess is going anymore.

    We need more Deadman Wonderland chapters!!!

  4. fenixdown110 says:

    I’m worried about Mockingbird too. Don’t kick the bucket!!

  5. Kuro says:

    LOL I’m surprised they didn’t turn these mangas into animes – they’re pretty good. Although I do recommend yaoi aswell… (HEhe Anaaga)

  6. SHHHHHHHHH says:

    @ Kuro What the heck are you talking about?? Dude Medaka Box is an anime!

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