Letter Bee – 02


This show’s slowly turning everyone to shotacons xD


LAG SEEING IS JUST SO CUTE >.<!!! Kyaaaaa~!! Blushing Lag makes him so much win! Come here to Kanzie-neechan~


But seriously now, Lag got a bit on my nerves in this episode. He had more boo-hoo and whiny moments compared to the previous one. Though it’s understandable since he’s still a little seven year-old kid. I got annoyed though when he ran from Gauche, which almost made him killed because of that. And damn those Gaichuu-CG-monster thing! D: Don’t harm Lag and Gauche~ T^T


But it’s awesome how it’s revealed how he has a magical left eye. Woah~ surprise surprise here. Magical eyes are like, the thing lately, I lost count on how much shows this year so far that had magical eyes xD.


D’aaaaaawwwwwww~~~ I wonder how heavy Gauche is, he’s probably light since all he ate are those canned soup xD. Lag is so nice to carry him to town with that distance.


Moving on to Gauche, he still remains my waifu of course :P. Setting the Jun Fukuyama fact aside,he’s just simply awesome. He’s cool in a way that he’s super nice and acts like a big brother to Lag. I won’t be surprised anyway to think they’re like brothers since they both have the same hair color xD.

Lawd~ I just love Gauche so much. I hope he doesn’t die later on T___T. I almost raged and ready to hate Lag on the part where Gauche rescues him. I almost thought Gauche’s totally gonna die T___T… But *phew*~ Thank god he’s not.


Soooo much cute Lag and Gauche moments in this episode :3. Shows how their friendship developed in just a short time. Yeah, Gauche is still quite ignorant about the friendship he had with Lag but in the end he finally realizes and admits it. The friendship moments are just heartwarming and lighthearted~


HUGGLES!!! I love huggling scenes so much~ Da’www SO cute. Ok, those who think that this is pedo then GTFO, the exit is on the left =P. I don’t see anything wrong and pedo about it. It just pure sweet friendship ^^.

It was another nice episode. I’m loving this show more and more because of it’s dreamy and heartwarming feel ^^. I love the relationship between Gauche and Lag, it’s so sweet. Too bad that they have to part ways in the end. But I bet that won’t be the last of them together and they’ll meet again.


Hooray for the 5-year time skip as well~ So Lag is now around 12 years old, along with Gauche’s sister Sylvette. Lag is really determined to be a Letter Bee and meet Gauche again, as well as his mom. With that long time skip, I wonder what happened now to Gauche now, and when will these two meet again.


Guess who’s finally here next episode?~


P.S. – This thing is so oddly cute… and edible O__O.

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6 Responses to “Letter Bee – 02”

  1. meteorhouse62 says:

    I’m really liking this show so far. I found Lag annoying when he cries so much, but at the same time, he’s still cute and lovable when he gave LelouchGauche some food and drink after being kicked out by the town. Lol and the cute moments are indeed cute, not pedo ^^.

  2. Cyre03 says:

    Fantastic episode. Gauche/Lag bonding is very heartwarming. I can’t wait for Niche next episode :oha:

    Is it just me or the Lag 5 years later sounds very high-pitched for a guy?

  3. Faer1edust says:

    Lag/Gauche bonding is just d’awwwwwwwwwwwwww~

    Oh dear, I was at the edge of my seat when Gauche rescues Lag from the Gaichuu. I thought he’s gonna die as well. lol. Hooray that he didn’t. He’s too precious to die his early~

    Nuu!!! Gauche left Lag now! I hope they’ll meet agin… I also wonder where Gauche is now after five years. 12 year-old Lag can now pass as a bishie, I guess? XP

    And hooray for Niche next episode!!!

  4. Lacri says:

    I love Gauche. And Lag. But I love Gauche. He is so epic.

    I can’t wait for…well, yeah, I can’t wait for them to meet up again. -Whistles-

    an’t wait for Sylvette to show up, and NICHE NEXT EPISODE~ YATTA!

    Gauche…Love him. Now and in the future~ -Smirks-

  5. warriorhope says:

    Lag gets better when he gets older (from the OAV looks anyways)

    Also agree 1000% on Lag and Gauche.Friendship between them is awesome.

  6. Tara says:

    Yay for adorable friendship, time skips and cute edible things! ^^ Can’t wait for the next episode of this ^^

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