Kimi ni Todoke – 02


Kazehaya packs a lot of man-moe.

I would have already posted this and summed it all up like this: Show ▼

^ Seriously, this show is just like marshmallow. It’s soft, melts in your mouth goodness xD. Weird comparisons aside, Kimi ni Todoke really maintains the heartwarming, and just plain d’aww-fest I really love watching in a show. And I would say that KnT still wins on second impressions this Fall season.


We get a huge skip from the first episode. We left off previously on the start of Summer, but now here we are at Autumn. We have Sawako re-introducing herself, and I really like her motto “One good deed a day.” She might look scary in the eyes of  humans (and non-humans… take the dog for example), but she still keeps her act of kindness the same for everyone, example is by sacrificing her own umbrella to shelter the stray dog on the street.


Poor Sawako enters the school dripping wet and nobody still cares for her T___T…

Sawako’s schoolmates are still the same. Fearing her, believing in ridiculous rumors about her and many other cruel things. But Sawako definitely gets love for us for trying her best make herself look less frightening to others, and she still has positivity. It’s really nice to see her trying hard instead of giving up and starts becoming a serial killer to kill each classmate one by one because of hatred xDD.


Here comes the guy with a very refreshing and bright personality, Kazehaya~. He’s also dripping wet in the rain but his warm smile can probably dry it up in no time :P.


Ugh. Kazehaya~ Ok, so this post will majorly contain so much Kazehaya fangirling so excuse me about that. Kazehaya’s just… D’AWWWWWWWW… Mr. Sunshine to Sawako~


Not to mention he’s… he’s… MOE!!! :kyaa2: Kyaaaaa~!!! I really love his blushing parts now that they’re animated. This is why I’m grateful this had become animated, because we get to see cute little adorable moments in motion. I giggled a lot when the sparkles hit Kazehaya’s face and starts blushing xD. Way to give a change to the usual shoujo sparkles.

Ok, it’s totally official, I’m three-timing my waifus for this season. Kazehaya’s my seasonal waifu now along with Gauche and Luke xDD. But of course he’s on top of the list~ Because he’s stacked with so much man-moe xD.


MOAR KAZEHAYA CUTENESS~!! :kyaa: Gawd~~ He’s like a tomato kid in here!!! xD. I love my bishies blushing, not in a tsundere way, but in a moe-moe-kyun, innocent, rabu-rabu way~.


Kazehaya~ Why so shy and flustered? :blush2:

I guess part of him that makes him moe is that he’s voiced by Daisuke Namikawa, which is already known for having a very cute male-moe voice he used with Italy (APH) and Mikage (07-Ghost). Kazehaya actually reminds me of the latter. But all in all, I gotta love his performance as  Kazehaya ^^.


Okay going back to Sawako now, she’s very cute in bun hair!!! I also do my hair like that sometimes at home xD. Moving over, it’s really nice for Yoshida to lend her gym clothes to her. It’s also Kazehaya’s kindness that made Sawako close to Yano and Yoshida. It’s so heartwarming that there are some people that are very nice to Sawako~

Kazehaya gif again~ xP Sorry couldn’t help it~ Kazehaya’s Chocolate Milk, everyone? :3

If he’s endorsing that milk chocolate as a product, I would so buy that xD. But not :P, Sawako gave it to him as a thank you gift, as she also gave some to Yano and Yoshida. Sawako’s so sweet!



Ugh, so cute. So moe. I’m gonna faint like right now xD. And yeah, the stray dog Sawako helped ends up getting pet by Kazehaya. The coincidences are so amusing~


D’awww~ So freaking cute!! Really, I have nothing else to say more except that these two (and a dog) are just too cute together.


This scene is just beautiful. First, the art is just pretty. I love how the waters are animated, it’s very mesmerizing, also the sunset looks very beautiful. But then again, all the backgrounds in this show is ust pure bliss.

Another thing is we get to see Kazehaya flirt a little with Sawako. Sawako comes to realize a bit of feelings, but right now she thinks it’s only admiration and gratitude.


Moving now to school, it’s time for new seating arrangements and Sawako gets the seat nearby the window. Sawako is very much excited to take this as an opportunity to renew her image and make new friends, but it seems like the others don’t want to seat next to her and says that the one who will be seating next to her is unlucky.

On my high school (I’m a college freshman now, btw), we didn’t use that method on seating arrangements. We’re like, choose whatever seat we like, lol. I really feel bad for Sawako. We didn’t have a classmate like that before though, but that’s really sad if you get the thought of her getting pushed away by everyone. I basically hate the dude who always blabber bad stuff about Sawako (the red head one, I don’t have a screencap of it). What a stupid asshole that person is, especially on how he embarasses Sawako in front of everyone. Tch, if I were Sawako I would have already hit him with a cleaver.


:aww:  Kazehaya is awesome. He definitely felt bad for Sawako getting treated like that by everyone and I’m very glad he stood up for her and made himself to be her seatmate~ Yay, Kazehaya you’re LOVE <3.


I really like Yano too!!! She’s one character I could put myself in. I would have also done what she did. She dissed the seat number thing and picked a seat by her own and stick with it while everyone can’t do anything. I very much like her attitude and how everyone couldn’t do anything about it because she has a superior aura. She’s very nice yet super cool at the same time ^^.


RYUU <33!!! Our quiet giant finally gets an appearance for more than a second~ I don’t know why but I find Ryuu’s hair here in the anime look funny compared in the manga where I thought it looked hot. Also, LOL @ him for just suddenly sprouting out of nowhere to sit behind Sawako xDD.


Lol at Yoshida fighting with Ryuu now about the seat. I seriously love these two on the manga xD. Reason why will remain as classified information to prevent spoiling~ Anyway, YAY for the REAL friends showing up for Sawako. *applauds them*


Sawako is very very sweet that those who rejects her will be put to shame. She’s very nice and happy for her new friends so that she made them homemade cookies ^^.


:huhu: D’awww… Sawako is very touched to know that there are still people who wants to be her seatmates. I’m almost at the edge of my tears here, seriously. Pure heart-warming moment T.T.


Just like the first episode, this episode ends again with Sawako on her way to go home and then she encounters Kazehaya, who’s riding a bike this time. I really love moments with these two, Kazehaya really gives motivation for Sawako and his influence slowly changes her now for the better.


Ok, my bitch-meter detects her as a possible candidate to be one 😛 She’ll be the one Hirano Aya will be voicing, by the way. I’m pretty much excited to hear her taking on a different role this time.

This is another beautiful and heart warming episode again. The background art is just mesmerizing, as well as the music. This show wins in terms of those. It definitely helps on the fuzzy warm and uplifting atmosphere the show has. Definitely a huge plus. The animation was slightly better I think, Yoshida looked a little less uglier than the first episode (frankly speaking), Ryuu’s anime design bothers me a bit but I guess I’ll grow up with that since I love Ryuu too. Sawako and Kazehaya are still the best looking characters, well duh, they’re the leads. Yano is also pretty (or prettier now). Overall, the production is very solid (as expected from the makers of Eden of the East: Production IG) and I hope it’ll continue up for the rest of the show.

Like what I said before at the start, this show is just d’aaaawwwwwwwwwwwwww to bits. Its mellowness is on the right spots and it can definitely serve as a feel-good show. It’s very much heart-warming and it totally keeps up to keep everything in positivity, which is what I definitely love about the whole premise of the show. I also have no complaints about the pacing too.

Sawako is a really great female shoujo lead, she has a very bright and hopeful outlook in life, no matter how thing might not go on her way. Noto Mamiko’s voice in this role is really growing on me too (I FREAKING LOVE the “Anoooo~”s of Sawako xDD). Yeah, she might sound a little airy though, that’s the thing I want to get used to listening more. Overall, Sawako is awesome~ And so is Kazehaya (who got loads of male-moe he might be inherited from Namikawa xD), and everyone who’s nice to Sawako ^^. Can’t wait for the next ep sfm.

>> More Screencaps @ Komatome

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13 Responses to “Kimi ni Todoke – 02”

  1. Kiseki says:

    He’s like a tomato kid in here!!!
    …Mind you, I imagined him in a tomato suit saying, “Ve~”

    Kurumi!!! <3 I swear, it's hard to pick favorites for characters in this show. They're all so wonderful. TT_TT

  2. Reika says:

    I don’t think I can say anything but “D’AAAAAAAAAWWWWWWW” at the moment xD
    Kimi ni Todoke is the best shoujo series I’ve ever watched, period. (Not that I’ve watched lots of shoujo series, but…)
    Kazehaya is so darn cute that I want to squeeze him until he turns purple xD
    Sawako is a really great female protagonist. Not like the other girls, who only want to look better to impress the guys, blah blah blah. And she tries her hardest, despite everything. That’s something really nice~ (Hey, if they something so mean to me, I’ll go on a killing spree xD forget the good deeds xD)
    About Ume…(or Kurumi, whatever), she looks kinda weird xD her eyes are empty, and she doesn’t look as pretty as she did in the manga xD but I’m looking forward to the next ep~

    Sorry if I rambled too much xD

  3. Faer1edust says:

    This episode is amazing once again :aww: I almost cried so much T___T.

    Thanks for those Kazehaya GIFs :cute: Saving them all because Kazehaya indeed has so much man-moe in him <3. SO much cute Kazehaya moments ^^.

    And I love the gang for seating with Sawako ^^. They're very likable. I'm interested in Yoshida and Ryuu since they both look shippable xD. And hmm… Next character Ume seems like the love rival for Sawako.

  4. tsuiteru says:

    Sawako is :love:

  5. foomafoo says:

    😥 Kazehaya is sooo cheesy

  6. mikan-sakura says:

    This show is just very heartwarming indeed. And I totally agree that it’s a feel good show full of hope and positivity. I really love Sawako so much and I feel bad for her getting bullied like that ;_; But she’s definitely one of my fave shoujo heroines right now. She’s very awesome..

    KAZEHAYA-KUUUN~ Aaaah~ 100% pure refreshing guy <3. Plus so moe too~ I totally love watching his blush scenes in animation :3. Very vey cute. Daisuke Namikawa also does a great job in voicing him.

    And I also like Yano. Same reasons as you, she's nice and cool at the same time~ 😀

  7. issa-sa says:

    NOOOO, I WANT RYUU (cos I can’t have Mr Refreshing Man Moe AKA Kazehaya, lol)

  8. mitsuki1o1 says:

    :aww: kazehaya why so cute? xD
    i haven’t read the manga but i felt my shipping senses tingling at ryuu and yoshida

  9. bianki says:

    kazehaya blushing like a little boy is priceless, but ryuu actually won me over when he took the seat behind sawako just because… ^^

    btw, i change my URL. hikikomori is no longer in operation. thanks.

  10. warriorhope says:

    Forget 100% niceness Sawako. Kazehaya is a 100% moe. ^__^

    RyuxYoshida is totally my secondary ship for this show.

  11. Namu-chan says:

    When Kazehaya opens his mouth, I expect him to say say “Doitsu! Doooitsuuu!”

    I really love this show because its so simple and yet not at the same time. They mix it up just enough so that its refreshing. I especially like that the one who is in love at this point is Kazehaya rather than Sawako 😀

  12. Kitsune says:

    Great art and I loved the puppy scene :3

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