Aoi Bungaku – 03


No Longer Human – 03

Ok, so first of all, I’m happy that this show finally gets some attention to be subbed, and the first two episodes are already out in the past week. Thanks to those who picked it up =).

We’re now on the second to the last episode of this Ningen Shikkaku arc, next week, we will have the conclusion then there will be a new arc after it. I got to skim the novel so I have a little idea of what’s going on, but I’ll watch it again when subs for this episode comes out. It was yet again another fantastic episode. We still have Youzo losing hope for his humanity after the suicide incident and still has different hallucinations everywhere. But on the other hand, he finds a family in the form of the woman in the previous episode and her daughter. On the contrary, his habits of hanging out on bars and having sex with prostitutes are still there.


There’s also an another new girl who showed up in this episode, and she’s a tobacco saleswoman who encountered Youzo again in the snow. She seems to be a new light for him, as she disbelieves in all of Youzo’s bad habits, and thinks that he’s only joking.

I definitely enjoyed the music so much in this series, it definitely fits the melancholic atmosphere of the show. The visuals are yet again stunning to look at. So yeah, it’s still one of the best shows this season. Looking forward on how this arc will conclude next episode.

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