Aoi Bungaku – 02


No Longer Human – 02

I’m speechless about this show. It continues to be awesome and surprising. This episode is definitely creepy and disturbing in so many ways, and I desperately need subs right now to understand more of it, seems my Jap is weak. Damn subs fukken where?! It’s just sad that this show is still unrecognized because it might not appeal to others. Tch. Anyway, visually it’s hands down, my favorite this season. Not to mention that this show’s overflowing with substance. Definitely this tops my Fall watch-list.


So we have to see more of the main character’s background, this time, as a young student. He’s very much bullied and laughed at in school. He also had a friend (which I assume to be the guy he’s with right now). It seems like the strange figure had also been present since he’s still young. What made him do suicide on the previous episode is still a mystery though, but he survived now.

There’s also a new character in this episode, she seems like she’s working on a local newspaper who also has problems of her own because she seemed very dazed while walking on a street and she also got ran over. She has a daughter but no husband. Looks like she’ll play a part in the main character’s life after their encounter.


Woah *screams and runs like a sissy*

So much awesome scenes in this episode. The cliff scene where his lover got pushed still reminds me of the horror flick “The Ring”. I like the hallucination parts like the eyes on the door and most especially the part where the human-like figure he’s been painting coming into life and casting different illusions to him is just awesome to watch. It got freakier when it starts posing while he’s drawing it. The last part as well is interesting as the weird thing goes smiling.

It’s scary even without any silly supernatural elements added into it, and rely on the psychological factor and amazing music to make the atmosphere and impact of the show. Hope someone subs this and I can’t wait for the next episode.



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8 Responses to “Aoi Bungaku – 02”

  1. psgels says:

    Yeah, this definitely has been the best of the new season so far. The lack of subs is unfortunately, but shows like often get subbed very slowly (just look at Mouryou no Hako last year). Still, Anime-Himutsu seems to be willing to sub it:

    • tsuiteru says:

      Wow that’s good news! Mouryou no Hako was also great but underrated as well. I’m sick of other groups only picking mainstream anime and ignoring this show. Finally, they’re a life-saver. Looking forward to their release 🙂

  2. gungrave32 says:

    This show looks very dark and bloody awesome!

  3. Coalblack says:

    That’s excellent news that it’ll finally get subbed. I always have to check the novel while watching the anime lol it’s so tiring, I’ll be waiting for their release now.

    And on the show, it’s definitely the gem of the season. Too bad some people now only dig mainstream anime instead of going with these types of shows with substance. I love the dark atmosphere of it.

  4. fenixdown110 says:

    I’ve been waiting for A-H to sub this ever since they announced they would sub it. I’m so tempted to dl the raw, but I’ll wait a little longer. A-H said the first eps is to be released soon.

  5. kanzeon says:

    This show needs more love :\
    I’m lovin’ this one to bits ^^.

  6. Di Gi Kazune says:

    I just had the urge to make a reply to this spam.

    “Pageant dresses” – do they make revealing NSFW for LOLis? certain team members would love to see them. 😛 How about ones for traps?

    • Kyokai says:

      Aaagh! I am really tired of this spam blast, which lets these dudders pass through to our comments section. >>

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