11eyes – 01


5 main girls + a guy with only one eye uncovered = 11 eyes.


We have Kakeru, who was attacked seven years back then by her sister under really strange circumstances. He has heterochromia, thus wearing an eyepatch to the other eye in present day. He’s normally living life though, mostly thanks to his kind childhood friend Yuka.


Well, everything’s almost pretty much normal for Kakeru now, until he and Yuka heads on over to a mall sale. In their way to the bridge, they encounter a sudden change of world, but it’s still the reality they live in. Only there are no people anymore and it’s much darker.


This was their fist encounter with it. So It’s accompanied by so much static that I personally find painful to my eyes beware, watch it with lights on and far from your screen xD. MY EYEEESS!!!


They also encounter weirs monsters in the world there, but after a while, they returned to the real and normal world.

I also gotta comment on how close the two leads are. It would really make me think they are dating, but it seems like they’re only very very close childhood friends. Kakeru seems to care a lot about Yuka too, and Yuka is… well, your damsel in distress.


What’s probably keeping people annoyed with this show is the fanservice. Yeah, you can really say they aren’t necessary at all and it takes away the serious atmosphere of the series. But we still can’t keep out the fact that it came from an ero-game.


Meet Momono Shiori, a transfer student from Italy. Also notice the name of the book she’s holding. Isn’t it familiar? =P


Moving on with the other characters, we the two other friends of Kakeru who, aside from Yuka, manages to talk to him normally. We also have a blonde girl with glasses, a delinquent-like student who seems like a former acquaintance of the glasses girl. We also have the school nurse, who has some business with the delinqent guy. (Haha, I checked the game CGs and they’re probably the only other pairing besides from the main guy and his harem.)


By the end of the episode, the mysterious figure stalking Yuka and Kakeru finally shows up (Kukuri). She then makes the two fall into the other reality again.


The first episode is not really that bad as what Kanzie told me., but it’s not mindblowing amazing either. It felt like your average first episode with normal mode then going into the introduction of the plot and what would they be facing. It seems like a peculiar mix of Chaos;Head and Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3 (Kanzie noticed this one). Really, it gave me Chaos;Head vibes with its sudden dark setting and the OP just gave me a little bit of resemblance to it, while the Persona thing probably had to do with the alternate world with monsters.

The music was alright. It definitely catches the moods well in my opinion. From sad, to heavy to the frantic other world. The OP and ED were really nice. I like the OP better. Ayane never goes wrong in my book.

I’ll check out the next few episodes and see how this one turns out. I’m actually far more interested in the other characters (the loli holding the Index book and the delinquent guy, even Mizusu) an I can’t also wait for the girl who looks like Mitsuru Kirijo from Peona 3 to get her screentime next episode.


Next episode: We have tentacles… and panties again. Hooray…


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11 Responses to “11eyes – 01”

  1. I wanted to watch this asap but then I saw the panties =_= I’ll go watch DtB2 instead . . . even if Hei is only at the end . . .

  2. Metalsnakezero says:

    I’ll keep watching to see where the story is going but the fanservice will low my score on this show.

  3. クレナイユメ says:

    The comparison to Chaos;Head is way off – probably because of the atmosphere the anime gives it. Persona is closer to it.

    I’ll just keep my eye on this for a bit, until I hit the part where Misuzu takes on one of the knights alone in the school and their battle tears it apart (Won’t be until…3-5 episodes). It’ll be a nice review on what happened until then.

  4. fenixdown110 says:

    This is alright. Still better than Kampfer which is all fanservice and hardly any story. I’ll watch a couple more for good measure.

  5. wildfire808 says:

    it gave me the feel of Silent Hill. with the alternate worlds being turned on and off and the weird ass creatures. The creepy noises also added to that (like the siren in Silent Hill). I’m impressed with the series. One of the animes that surprised me this season.

  6. fenixdown110 says:

    Rather than remind me of Silent Hill, this reminded me of Persona 3, except there aren’t coffins in the street. It’s just monsters.

  7. 4nBlue says:

    Panties are animation studios idea. The eroge had it’s first panties after three weeks of zero fanservice. And tentacles were not once used in “that kind” of ways.

  8. Fukuda says:

    actually….its not Misuzu…its Kukuri…XDahahahaha…lll Misuzu is the red haired girl that’s a minor mistake.

  9. Katimusha says:

    Looks pretty nice and was very helpful good job on the description of the episode. I agree that it felt very similar to chaos head and I haven’t seen or played persona 3 so i wouldn’t know about that.

  10. DrifterSoul says:

    well, I already watched this anime, and gotta say:they scr*wed up a show with more perspective than it has now. pretty good, but nothing special though… 🙁

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