Umineko no Naku Koro ni: III-I


New arc, new people popping up in this show like crazy.


And so Ep3 comes out with a new animation sequence added to the usual stuff on the first one, and OH GOD IT WAS JUST AWESOME! I totally love the added scenes, though there are still some lazy parts where DEEN unchanged it but I think it’s unlikely for them to at the moment. A LOT of new people popping our of nowhere it’s freaking win! YAY FOR ANGE!!!111 Juuza want nao pls. XP


My favorite part of the OP?



So anyway, episode starts off with a loli Beatrice, and someone who seems to be a new character.


So Selvaria died and turned into a witch now, huh? Either that or she’s one of the missing characters from Paradise Kiss.


Loli Beato is like a kitty before, but now she’s old and as fierce as a lioness~


Ok, so now we’re in the who-looked-like-what before, here’s the vintage Eva. Oh so now I found the reason why polo shirts are now uncool.


And who’s this guy? It’s Krauss. Waaay before years, eating 15 boxes of donuts, hundreds of calories, and metabolism fail.


Looks like Eva has an imaginary friend, who claims to be also herself. Ok, let’s see how this bitch will play later on.


Ugh can’t these two just lie down and die already. Is there a permanent death button in this game? These two annoys me and their “forbidden romance” annoy me to no end.


If there’s any other red head guy except for Lavi who makes the cutest faces, Battler should be nominated as well. I love all sides of Batto, Meta, srs bsns, Phoenix Wright, etc. Batto is love~

More Batto gifs:


And of course, Jess, who has her other half coughKanoncough missing:


Hey, glad you’re back~ Now let me tell you on how your “BFF” Shannon acted when you’re dead a while ago…


Anyway, another new character pops out… And he’s a butler~!!

Ok, so Ronove’s voiced by Tomokazu Sugita, who’s widely popular as Kyon from Haruhi. We obviously know that another Haruhi character, Itsuki Koizumi, is voiced by Daisuke Ono, Battler’s seiyuu, and Daisuke Ono also voices Sebastian from Kuroshitsuji… WHO IS A BUTLER TOO!

Oh God I love seiyuu connections~!


W-Wait. Did he just giggled like Beatrice??


Looks like Eva’s getting a lot of screentime than usual in this episode. I smell her being the shotgun mom of this arc, actually.


Sorry Kyrie, but I’m betting my money you’ll end up dead again. And oh bitch please, stop emphasizing your chessboard theory because it’ll never get as big as your boobs.


Obligatory screenshot of Rudolf. Haha~ his voice is smexy irl.


And now WTF as Rosa admitting she killed Beatrice. Girl, this is what you get after eating body parts.


Minus the new additions to the OP and new characters, this episode was a total yawn. You can actually notice it because I’m pretty much bored while doing this post. It’s expected anyway, because it’s just a start of a new arc. But hey, it’s still a pretty good episode ^^. I’m keeping my eyes peeled for the next happenings~

Virgilia was pretty cool ^^. I love all character designs of the witches so much. Looks like Virgilia, the previous Endless Witch, wasn’t that much of a psycho than what Beato is right now, but we’ll still see and I can’t wait to see her getting crazy, as shown in the OP. Moving on to another new character, Ronove’s pretty much won me, thanks to a very hawt seiyuu voicing him and soon-to-be voicing Usui in the upcoming Maid-sama anime :P.


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8 Responses to “Umineko no Naku Koro ni: III-I”

  1. Audreyy says:

    OMG YES.
    Waru is here~
    I’ve been waiting for her~
    Bunnygirl love plz~
    And the new opening sequence is amazing~
    Can’t wait for the next episode, this is my favorite arc.

  2. animehalf says:

    Ronove is smex~ xD

    I don’t really support the Shannon/George sillyness and what not because their relationship feels so dull, and there’s really no ‘vibe’ to it. It’s just a couple that meets, gets no special moments between them, and then get married? WTF.

    lulz, Battler’s amazing. :3 -shot-
    I’m glad Jessica’s back~ (cuz she’s amazing like that. I want to see her fighting w/ brass knuckles nao!!!!11 and moar Kanon and Jess wub plz~ :3) And I like Maria better with a whole body than just her head.

    But I can’t help but laugh at the fact that DEEN reused part of Kinzo’s ring sacrifice thingy and Maria’s letter reading.
    And the OP sequence is awesome!! <3 Glad they decided to show the Siestas and the Stakes. Now we just need Gaap and Sakutaro in there. Oh well, at least they included Ronove~ And I'm glad they showed… THAT girl in the opening. (*is referring to the girl with the red moon background*)

    And lastly… LOLI BEATO-SAMA~!!!! Or "Hime-sama" as she was known back then. Cuz the "Other Beatrice" was Beatrice back then. 😉 I want a Child Beato as my avatar nao~!!!!!!!!11 (*only adds one more to the millions of avatars she wants*)

  3. Bill says:


    Just to tell you, I dropped this series ages ago since I’ve finished the first four episodes of the VN. Now, I’m just laughing at how ridiculous can DEEN become.

  4. fenixdown110 says:

    So will Maria become a witch like Beato did with Virgilia? Successors per se?

  5. Eri says:

    New OP shows Bern-chan! :kyaa:
    And the Siestas along with the Stake girls!?! :kyaa2:
    And finally Juuza!!! :15:
    The OP alone makes this arc F-ING AWESOME!!! Can’t wait for Eva’s other self to become Eva-Beatrice >D

  6. Xiao says:

    *faps like crazy over the new OP animations* ZOMG!!!ANGEANGEANGEANGE ANGEANGEANGEANGE!!!!!!!!!1one XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD Let’s just skip most of 3 and head to ep 4, yesyes? 8D

    And I was going to complain up a storm since this ep had none of my Stake girls at all but it’s saved by the OP for now. lol, bunny girls totally got OWNED! =P

    Virgilia~! How long have I waited for you~ :love:
    And d’aww, Chibi!Beato ish so cyute. OMOCHIKAERI~! :kyaa:

    Whoa, Eva was pretty when she was younger and Krauss doesn’t look half bad either. But now I want to see younger Rudolf and Rosa, too. Bet Rudolf will be hawt. lol

    Oooo! Can we count on teenage!Eva killing her own son and the annoying maid, too? *excited* 8D
    Well either way, Eva’s gonna take the spotlight for this ep and I’m curious to see how it’ll all go. Massacre zem with your rage, Eva. :thumb:

    lol Battler wins the award for best multiple facial expressions this season. Now all he needs to do is look moe for Beato~ <3

    Oh god, I was unsure of what to think about Tomokazu Sugita playing Ronove but I'm sooo happy they chose him for it. All this reverse Kyon-Itsuki jokes are making me giggle. We need moar Ronove, plz. :aww:

    And yeayea, family inheritance conference talk. Moo.
    Anyways, I thought the pacing was done very well, even though the second half grown-up talk got me zoning out quite a bit. Only paid attention when Battler and Beato came back on screen (and omg! Bato called Beato-sama "Beato!" *fangirl joy* XDDDD). But I guess this just adds up to the mystery-guessing games until we get the real murders. Which should be happening next ep, right? C'mon, twilight! 8D

    Kikuko Inoue did a splendid job with Virgilia's voice as did our resident demon butler's seiyuu, hehe. Don't know what else to add, other than the fact that a lot of quality was so DEEN this ep. \P

    Can't wait for next week's. Thanks for the review~ (and I hope your team did great in your competition ~.^)

  7. kanzeon says:

    Bunnygirls ftw! :cheer: I can’t wait for them to show up in some episode as well ^^.

    Hell yes~ :love:

    That’s also my problem with them. And they’re just cheesy, they looked like idiots on the previous arc imo.

    And Jess x Kanon, now that’s a different thing because I LOVE them both <33 Moar shipping scenes with Jess and Kanon pls.

    DEEN is freaking lazy... and out of budget lol. Seems like they need to save budget because it looks like they blew it all off on the OP XD.

    Yay for the red-head girl in the red moon~

    LOLI BEATO-SAMA/HIME FTW!!! I wonder why the witch was also called Beatrice. Is 'Beatrice'like, the fiercest name evaar~


    Isn’t this comedy?? I’m considering it as one rather than mystery/psychological/horror stuff XD. I just can’t take this show seriously~

    Let’s all see, since at the end of the first arc, Show ▼

    Yep~ The OP was very awesome indeed <3 :thumb:


    I can’t wait for ep4 too! But since many people are saying this arc is really good, I might as well stick my butt to my seat watching it ^^.

    Haha the bunny girls only had like, a second in the OP and the stakes were like, “Make way for us, b*tches~” XD.

    Rudolf now is quite hot so I bet that the Rudolf better will be FIRE >8DD and I can’t wait to see Eva doing some kung fu moves ^^

    Tomokazu Sugita is just hawtness as Ronove. I remember him playing a little bit similar role as well in Hakushaku to Yosei too so yup~ His voice is just smexxy~

    OMG I squee’d when Batto called her that too! *AAA*. Yeah, I guess that pacing was alright at some parts though ^^. I can’t wait for the twilight as well, it’s always the vest part of every arc~

    Yep~ Virgilia was splendid indeed ^^. I want to hear more from her~

    Welcome ^^. Btw, we… lost at the competition 🙁
    I put up the video in my livejournal and you can watch our recorded (via tv, uploaded by someone) performance there ^^ [] 😉

  8. LuluChan92 says:

    Yay! New OP! Maybe a little patched-up with the previous one, but this one has it all! Bernkastel VS Lambdadelta scenes were so cool! The Stakes must be a real party, there’s a bunch of them, after all! And of course ANGEEEEEEEEEEE!!!

    Okay, Shannon-George, get a room and leave us alone, you’re tiring…

    Battler’s facials are the best! I couldn’t stop laughing!

    Ronove must be lots of fun, he’s Beato’s butler, after all! I’m waiting to watch his actions!

    LOLZ about Kyrie! I agree with you, she’s gonna die again for sure, and yeah, her chessboard mentality thing will never get across when everyone’s looking at her big boobs!

    Eva gets pissed off by her so-much-younger-than-now brother (and I know where she comes from)with his i’m-the-best-so-shut-up attitude. But her other self must be marvellous! We’ll know for sure when things get there.

    And HELL, Rosa killed Beato?!!! Previously she was unfaithful and owned a men’s harem, now she’s a murderer!!! Nice development, girl, now you’ll get more psycho than your daughter!

    Okay, that’s what I had to say! See ya when the next ep comes out!

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