Spice and Wolf II: 09


Get some balls, dude.




😡  :rage:  🙁

I’m getting pretty bored at how Lawrence keeps on doing the “Princess” thing on Horo but he still lacks balls for two seasons already. WHY RESIST?!

Though I can guess what Horo meant about what she’s truly being scared of. She seems like she’s scared of losing Lawrence someday, or the happiness she’s feeling right now can end in a moment. Though of course she’s definitely scared of losing Lawrence and it’s the lifespan of a Deity and a Human that proves they’ll part ways after some time.

Overall this was another slow-paced episode. I don’t know what this arc would be all about until the last minute of it, where the woman merchant asks Lawrence to sell Horo to her. And I’m like, “WTF?”. Does it seem like the woman will be the antagonist of this arc? Also, two new characters as well, and they’re the nun and the guy in that “greenhouse”-like part we see in the OP.

I’d still go with my usual praise for the show… The interactions between the two leads is very entertaining as usual, and it’s funny how Horo teased Lawrence about her previous partners, and actually I haven’t thought about that as well. So yeah, that’s all for this episode.


Leaving you with a Horo gif…


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