Sora no Manimani Character Album: Starry Sky & Harmonia


Sora no Manimani Character Song Album – Hoshizora to Harmonia (Starry sky and Harmonia) by Various Artists.


1. Hoshi no Shizuku – CooRie
2. Spring: Haru no Seiza – Itou Kanae
3. Tokimeki za Ryuuseigun – Itou Kanae
4. Summer: Natsu no Seiza – Itou Kanae
5. Kimi to Mirai Kansoku – Hayami Saori
6. Hikari no Asa – CooRie
7. Kirameki Harmonics – CooRie
8. Autumn: Aki no Seiza – Itou Kanae
9. Dive to the sky – Tomatsu Haruka
10. Winter: Fuyu no Seiza – Itou Kanae
11. Kimi ga Iru Monogatari – Koshimizu Ami
12. Omoide Planetarium – CooRie

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One Response to “Sora no Manimani Character Album: Starry Sky & Harmonia”

  1. FuyuMaiden says:

    Yay Kanae-san song that’s not from Shugo Chara! I didn’t really like Amu’s song on the last collection at all so this makes me happy. Want to have the chance to hear her without crazy bouncy sound effects again…

    So wee~ Thank you for uploading. I wouldn’t have even known it existed otherwise.

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