Phantom -Requiem for the Phantom-: 25


Ok, so the threesome ending is out.


I really dislike Mio. I mean, how did this bitch survived? She’s so annoying. But anyway, I guess she still has some use though I just can’t point it out what the hell it is. But I’m still hoping she gets killed off next episode~ *evil grin* Sorry, I just hate Mary Sue’s.


Anyway, moving on to a slightly better note (and a better, fiercer girl), I just gotta show love to Drei/Cal since this is her final episode T___T.


Bitch is fierce~ Actually, the gif above is my siggy on some forums I’m a part of, actually ^^.


KYAA!!! -> Ehem~ Well, being a MAJOR (heck yeah major as in major) ReijixElen fangirl, I squee’d so much on this adorable hug scene!! ^.^ Another thing to say which is what I should have said earlier but I didn’t blog this show anyway at all (lol) is that Ayahi Takigaki is becoming one of the top seiyuus I like this season. Her performance as Ein is just excellent and this moment just wins ^^.

Anyway, so what came after this is that Reiji will be ultimately facing Drei instead of Ein, but now she’s out but kicking more asses!


Woot~ Show who’s the original prototype Phantom, Ein!!! Hehe, I really don’t like calling her Elen, since Ein is Ein and will always be Ein XDDD.


Reiji and Cal now faces each other back again, but forget about some happy reunion and just look at how grudge and hatred made their relationship totally messed up in so many ways T^T.


Bye Cal… T__T

Sad, but as much as I want all three of them living until the ending, I can already see Cal dying before, since the previous episodes had just been about building up for some intense event and I know this is what will happen. Though not exactly what I have thought, so yeah, I also feel bad for Reiji killing her…


So moving on, we might notice a scene/dream sequence where Reiji and Cal are driving and Reiji thought that he was just dreaming about him getting separated to her. So this seems like the Reiji x Cal ending that never happened, right? Aww~ Their fate is just sad T__T.


Ok, SM is definitely the person to get killed off!!! DIEDIEDIE!!!!!!!! DIE IN THE HANDS OF OUR TWO PHANTOMS!!!!!!!!!!!!!111 /raeg. And yeah, can’t wait to see the two original Phantoms PWNing every living inch of those Zahlenschwestern… whatever.

LOL they BETTER die, or else…. well, they’ll surely die anyway. Isn’t it?? O___O. We’re getting a happy Reiji/Ein-both-alive ending, are we? They’re heading off to Mongolia just like what the first arc showed, right? RIGHT? *can’t sleep until the finale comes*


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5 Responses to “Phantom -Requiem for the Phantom-: 25”

  1. fenixdown110 says:

    I’m so disappointed that Cal died!!! NOO… :baww: It would have been a bloodbath if the three Phantoms fought the Zahlenschwestern.

  2. yousra says:

    it was tragic da way cal died
    im still in shock that reiji actually had it in him 2 shoot a loved 1
    enyway dat hug scene was so cute
    im a reijiXellen fan too so i couldnt help but grin while watching dat scene
    i wonder how reiji n ellen will b able 2 get rid of da zahlenschwesterns
    i hope my favorite characters dont die n dat puppet master gets tortured to death *evil laugh*

  3. kanzeon says:

    I also want the three of them to fight the Zahlenschwestern :huhu: . That would have been awesome…

    Yeah, Reiji just have to kill her and it’s sad because Cal will definitely shoot him if he didn’t. So there’s like no turning back for the both of them now.
    And hooray for the Reiji x Ein love :love:

  4. JimmieBoy says:

    Well… this episode was very interesting but I was hoping for a better end with Cal… actually it pains me a lot…

    It’s time to wait for the final showdown.
    I wonder how it will turn out?

    Btw. does anyone have any idea what’s the name of the track that’s playing while Cal blows her motorcycle up?

  5. Timcanpy says:

    :red: if u played the game, this will follow ‘End of Cerruelian Sky’ (wrong spelling!!!!)…

    :bleh: i played the game, so i know what’ll be the ending…

    :rage: oh yeah, in the game, this episode suppose to have a wedding for reiji and elen..

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