EVE no Jikan: 06 [END?]


act06: MASAKI


The last announced installment of EVE no Jikan ONAs starts off back in time with a young Masaki, who’s only left with a robot left by his father. He calls the robot Tex, and it seem to play as his best friend, for young Masaki has no one, his father is the type who’s always busy with work so Masaki was left with him. But later on, we get to see Tex not being able to speak at all, since I guess the reason behind it was Masaki’s father following the Robot Ethics Committee to prevent any interactions between a human and a robot. Poor Masaki T___T.


Masaki’s father works as a CIO of this Ethics Committee but he leaves his son with a robot. Yeah… right.


And moving on… going random this time, I find myself shipping Nagi with Masaki XD. I don’t know why, but my fangirl instincts just strung out for these two~ XD.


But it seems like Rikuo is growing a harem of his own XDD. I also love now that Sammy’s a regular in the cafe :3. Girl finally learns to hang out~


So anyway, moving on to the main focus of the episode, the titular character and Rikuo’s best friend, Masaki. It’s nice to see what all the flashbacks he had back then finally getting into the light in this episode. We get to see where all the android hate comes from.


I don’t get who the hell this guy is but it sure gave a way for Tex to speak because he’s bringing “danger” right? Danger to Masaki? This part got me confused a bit tbh @[email protected];;.

So anyway, off with the epic moment:






Masaki and Tex now goes home…


*bump* Wait, there’s stairs here? Right?? XD


Lol, way to break the ice of the dramatic moment XDDD.


I wonder who this girl is that they’re talking about. It confuses me whether if it’s Sammy or Nagi but I think it’s the latter. Nagi’s definitely the most mysterious character all through out if you put it. I hope when (hopefully) this gets continued, it will tackle more about Nagi and the cafe.


Random: Sammy is so cute!!!


I absolutely love how they added an “?” on the ending card while it is fading to the screen. It gives an open possibility for a continuation. And there’s gonna be a feature length film for this one by the way, but I don’t know if it’ll be just a sum up of the entire ONAs or if it will continue on. As for me, it does not only deserve a movie, but it deserves another season!!!


Are you enjoying the time of EVE?

Of course I did enjoy it! EVE no Jikan had been a series beyond spectacular all through out. It gave off a fuzzy warm feeling in the end and besides from being thought provoking, this series is a heart-warming watch ^^.


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6 Responses to “EVE no Jikan: 06 [END?]”

  1. “I don’t get who the hell this guy is but it sure gave a way for Tex to speak because he’s bringing “danger” right? Danger to Masaki? This part got me confused a bit tbh @[email protected];;.”

    From what I could tell, he was an android sent by the committee of ethics to investigate different places that were supposedly violating robot laws (he was shown before shortly during the scene with the committee and then again by Tex when he starts freaking out), so if Masaki were caught in the Time of Eve, it would be “dangerous” for him since he could be in trouble with the law/his dad/etc. :]

  2. foomafoo says:

    I don’t know why Tex stopped speaking right after that mandroid left when I think its more dangerous that that mandroid now knows about the cafe right? and they let it leave? That’s the part I didn’t get — Then again, in the very first place, maybe that look out android didn’t happen to knew that the cafe in fact was a grey zone… Hmm… Sad for Masaki though.

    It was such a great watch even though it was just for 6 OVAs. It must have been more great if they lengthen the series to show emphasis, this time around to the outside world of the cafe.

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  4. Mel says:

    I love the whole story! The pace of the story is great. I have discussed this story with one of my friend, he said that if it continues, it will just turn out to be another AI fighting for the controlling the human world. I hope they would give more than that.

    • lulz says:

      uhhh nah I doubt that it’d turn out the way your friend is saying it would.

      to begin with i think the premise of this story is not even remotely related to power control, it is more like trying to bridge the connections between different races.

      it reminds me of black people and white people in america in like, the 1900’s, kind of.

      im pretty sure this animu is more towards two races trying to get along and understand each other.

      your friend watches alot of fighting animu ‘-‘

  5. Roberto says:

    cool blog

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