Daisuke Ono – Kinmokusei


He’s known as Itsuki, Sebastian, currently as Battler, etc. But now Daisuke Ono gets back in his musical side but still keeps in touch with the hawt-factor with his single, “Kinmokusei”, following his Oricon Top 20 hitting album, “Kazabana”.

01 – Kinmokusei
02 – Tori no Yume Kakusei
03 – Kinmokusei (OFF VOCAL)
04 – Tori no Yume Kakusei (OFF VOCAL)

>> Download Here


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5 Responses to “Daisuke Ono – Kinmokusei”

  1. *nina-chan* says:

    Thank You so much!! :aww:

  2. azu-chan says:

    thank you!

  3. fiona says:

    thank you, .I like his voice! I’ll listen to the songs

  4. tsuki says:

    Is it too late to download this and leave a comment? ^^; I want to leave a comment to show my coin of appreciation.

    Thanks for this single. <3

  5. Syrianne says:

    Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!! I was searching for this CD!!! I love his voice <3 ^-^

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