Valkyria Chronicles: 2nd OP and ED Singles


2nd OP and ED singles from Valkyria Chronicles~


OP 2 – Kanashimi Rensa – Maria

I really have no problems with the 2nd OP. I thought it’s still brilliant just like the first. While Asu E No Kizuna is still a good one, this one definitely matches on how the series is getting more and more intense as we dive more into the plot. The animation was also good but lol at the super spoiling about Alicia though XD. So yeah, no arguments about it ^^. Both are good~

1. Kanashimi Rensa
2. Mirai E no Kiseki
3. Kanashimi Rensa -TV Edit-
4. Kanashimi Rensa (Instrumental)

>> Download Here


ED 2 – Hitotsu no Negai – Inoue Hikari

Compared to the fun and cutesy “Ano Kaze ni Notte” by p’ezmoku, this one is more mellow, and I guess it fits the current status of the series as well. But at the same time, I can’t help but to miss the first ED though T_T.

1. Hitotsu no Negai
2. Love Mail!
3. Hitotsu no Negai (Instrumental)
4. Love Mail! (Instrumental)

[loliduo] >> Download Here


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  1. phoenixdown110 says:

    I had this OP stuck in head for a week and I here it is when I first checked Metanorn. I almost fell out of my chair. lol

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