Shugo Chara!: Character Song Album 2


Here it is~!

Do you really have to ask me which song I love the most? Well it’s none other than Utau. Nana Mizuki just packs so much awesome in her DNA I don’t know what to do XD. I also love Amu’s version of Secret Princess. I actually prefer it more than Yua’s. Rie Kugimiya songs are just… blah. I also loved Rima’s song to bits! So moe~ Amu’s, Yaya’s and Nagihiko’s are all right as well, but I don’t know if it would be stuck on my head for a long time. Tadase’s song is lame that I wanna cry. Kinda different from Ikuto’s because it’s pure hawtness~ (no bias-ness intended XP) But lol because it reminds me of some mecha/sentai show song XD.



1. Colorful Heartbeat – Amu and Guardian
2. Secret Princess – Yua
3. Chiisana Hoshi ~The Little Prince~ – Tadase
4. Itsuka ha Romansu – Rima
5. Ookiku Naare! – Yaya
6. Hana Tegami – Nagihiko
7. Tsukiyo no Marionetto – Ikuto
8. Taiyou ga Niau yo – Utau
9. Secret Princess Amu ver. – Amu

[mp4 formats, w/ scans, zip file]

[mak0chan] >> Download Here

MediaFire is being a total ass at the moment so deal with Megaupload first while I’ll try to have a MF link later or if begged requested. Enjoy, bbs <3

Scans [click to see full sizes]:


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10 Responses to “Shugo Chara!: Character Song Album 2”

  1. […] come with the album download. I just have the songs. It’ll be updated when scans come out. You can find the scans and mp4 audio files here. […]

  2. Thank you so much for the scans! :runs: I’ve been looking for them everywhere. Lawl, now I redirected my post to here for the scans. xD Haha, Nana-sama is always awesome (and I wasn’t surprised that it was your favorite xD). Omg I know!~ I just absolutely love Rima’s song, it’s so cute! And yup, Ikuto’s song is hawt alright. 😀 Doesn’t sound like him at some parts, but still always incredibly hawt. Aww…now that I think about it, I wanna Kukai song! TT^TT I can imagine the song now…xD

    O_O Nagi’s shirt is so low cut! :O :nosebleeds:
    .-= blossomgirl101´s last blog ..Blossom Blabber: Time to Fangirl =-.

  3. saimaisama says:

    Okay yeah, I only took this for You-kyan’s sake. <3 -sends her love to him- Sexy violin bastard.
    .-= saimaisama´s last blog ..Otakuthon ‘09 – Summer’s Best Days (Picture Spam!) =-.

  4. hunni says:

    Thank you very much! I’ve been looking everywhere for this :love:

  5. Ace_flower says:

    :kyaa2: Arigatou Gozaimasu!!! :cheer:

  6. faer1edust says:

    Thank you for the link ^^. Once I got it, I immediately hurried over and listened to Utau’s song and as expected, it’s incredible again ^^. Nana Mizuki just rawks~. I agree with you and I think I prefer Amu’s version of Secret Princess as well. Kanae Itou’s a better singer than Rie Kugimiya IMO. And Ikuto’s song is HOT!!! :nosebleeds:

    I love their outfits on the cover btw… So hawt. Amu’s almost wearing nothing down xD. I love Utau’s and Rima’s outfits the most ^^.

  7. Ammy says:

    Gah. I would love Kukai song x3 But Ikuto singing is very very hot itself. :love: Thanks for the download link

  8. Yumi says:

    I love these songs! Amu’s version of secret Princess is sooo pretty, Utau’s song is awesome & Ikuto’s is actually pretty cool!

  9. Boku wa cho ureshina! x3

  10. EMILY says:

    can you make a link for MF? megaupload is getting on my nerve and i can’t download it. thanks for the upload too!

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