Otomen – Episode 1


When a guy goes Fuwa Fuwa Time


I’m really not an expert when it comes to J-doramas actually. I can’t even name a few actors except from the ones from HYD. Also, mot j-doramas I had watched are adaptations. To list them up, I watched Hana Yori Dango, Gokusen series, GTO, Jigoku Shoujo, Nodame Cantabile series, Koizora, and Zettai Kareshi. From all that, only like, half of them amused me and some left me disappointed. And oh, the only non-manga/anime drama adaptations I had watched are Strawberry on the Shortcake (wayy back ago) and Last Friends. Yep, I’m still a newbie~ XD.

So adding up to the list is the adaptation of (yet another) shoujo manga Otomen. When I first heard of it getting a live-action adaptation, I can’t deny I have doubts, since I was expecting more of an anime adaptation. But since we’re all here anyway, I did not hesitated to take a first, short glimpse on how it would turn out…. And wow it has exceeded my expectations ^___^.


For those who had checked out the manga, you know how this goes. Male school idol Asuka Masamune [played by Masaki Okada] is such a dream boy, he’s good at kendo, handsome, strong, tall and loved by everyone. Then there’s also Ryo [played by Kaho] met by Asuka during a bullying scenario. She turns out to a transfer student in their school. The girl is also stong and feisty as well. The two totally got along really well. Yep~ We have the ship.


Btw… Yay~ It’s manga!Asuka making a cameo lol XD.


But Asuka has a secret. Think of Nogizaka Haruka minus the hardcore closet otaku-ness and the guy’s the one having a secret he’s ashamed to admit. He likes shoujo manga, cooking, sewing, knitting and all the other stuff us girls like to do. But at the same time I find it so cute! Well that proves he’s so talented ^.^.


Well, that totally contrasts Ryo’s feisty personality. And that just makes them a more adorable couple-to-be~!


One thing I totally need to mention is how awesome the ED is. I love it to bits!!! Love the song and the action <3


Last but not the least, this cake looks too pretty to eat >___<

More screencaps on the gallery next page~

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11 Responses to “Otomen – Episode 1”

  1. IS THIS SUBBED ALREADY??? Oh kyaaaa~ I so want to watch this~
    .-= Sapphire Pyro´s last blog ..07-Ghost – Episode 18 =-.

  2. Don’t worry, I don’t think very many anime bloggers are veterans of dramas either. At least…the ones I know. I’m a total newbie in dramas too, but I love them anyways. And yes, I totally agree. The drama exceeded my expectations and has done a great job of being adapted in a loyal fashion (obviously there are changes, but at least we keep the same feel so it doesn’t seem like it could be a whole different series on its own). On a totally random and off-topic note, I recommend Hana Kimi since there are some actors from Hana Kimi in Otomen (like the lead).

    I totally :thumb: when I saw manga Asuka in the drama. It just made me so happy for some reason.

    And yes! I think his secret passion is definitely cute and totally awesome. I mean, who can be both tough and cute and work it as well as Asuka~?

    I just loved the ED as well. I usually don’t like drama EDs, so this was a nice change. The song and action was just win~ (But lol I could totally imagine Etsuraku Camellia being the song for the ED sequence too)

    *wants the cake* :runs: Wait for meh!~ XDDD
    .-= blossomgirl101´s last blog ..Welcome to the New BMC! =-.

  3. Tara says:

    *stares at the pretty cake* mmmm cake ^w^
    This does seem like a really nice series. I’ve only watched two full dramas before and they weren’t all that good but that seems like win ^^ *goes to check it out*

  4. Rin says:

    OMG! I’m dying to watch this. I love the Otomen manga. Hearing of the Otomen drama is what made me want to start watching other Japanese dramas(lovin’ Hana Kimi btw). The guy who plays Asuka is the guy who plays Sekime in Hana Kimi(I think that’s the guy no one knew who’s name was). There’s manga Asuka in the anime as well. Just how cool is that? And also the cake! So pretty.

  5. kanzeon says:

    Sapphire Pyro:
    Err… It’s not yet subbed though, but we can always refer to the manga to know the story ^^. I hope some group picks it up ASAP~

    Oh!! Hana Kimi!!! That’s the genderbender one right? I remember that! :aww: Yep~ I forgot to add that up =__=. That belongs to the “better” ones I’ve watched ^__^.
    Haha~ Asuka is indeed awesome! I love guys that have both cool sides. Asuka is love ^.^
    HELL YEAZ ETSURAKA CAMELLIA!!! Damn, I need to loop that song again for a hundred more times..

    Yep~ Cakes are always love :kyaa:
    I hope you’ll like it ^^. I’m also kinda picky on dramas as well ^___^. I hope the series won’t disappoint.

    Yes ^^. I’m also hyped up upon hearing that this gets a live-action adaptation ^^. Hana Kimi ftw~ <3. Ooh~ I can't remember the guy he played there ''orz *needs to rewatch* Yep~ Pretty cake is pretty ^^.

  6. warriorhope says:

    agree about the cake.

    heh it is like Hakura. (But who is Yuuto in that case: Juta or Ryo? *shot*)

    The ED kicks ass. I hope they do something similar if they make an anime for the ED or the OP.

  7. :bleh: :bleh: :bleh: 😥 :doomed: 🙂 WHERE DO I WATCH IT!!?!!?!?!??! :dun: :doomed: :cute: 😥 :-_-: ❓ :freeze2: :ehh: :nosebleeds:

  8. Llora-chan says:

    I’ve only seen a few but I think my favorite drama so far was Mop Girl. It was so funny~ I loved it!! You gotta check that out~ ^^ (Hotaru no Hikari is one of my favorites, too)
    My profile: http://jdorama.com/viewprofile.42853.htm

    This looks interesting~~ I might pick it up when I get the chance ^^

  9. tg says:

    ^ Yeah! Mop Girl! I love that series (but it’s short… Wahh..). I don’t watch too many dramas either. I’ve so far seen PGSM (first J-drama I ever seen – Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon – which kind of impressed me because I thought it would turn out cheesy), Mei-chan’s Butler directly on TV just on a random channel surfing whim (but since I never read the manga, I have no clue how the story goes and it’s not my type of shoujo story anyways), Yasuko to Kenji in Japan (which I had no idea what it was until I came back to the U.S. to research it. It’s a pretty funny show.), and one episode of Kamen Rider Den-O. The only K-drama I’ve seen was one episode of Goong II. As for T-drama (Taiwan) is their version of Hana Kimi.

    Depending on their stories will I be interested enough to finish them or not. Even if they’re adaptations. So, I just saw the first part of the raw Otomen episode 1. Not bad. I like the fact that Sawai Miyuu is playing another high schooler, but then again, I can see her age catching up with her. I think she passed it off easier in PGSM. Hm… Anyways, I love the scene where they’re all asking for her cell phone number!! Ahahah.. Ah.. It is a little different from the manga. Looking forward to finding parts 2 and 3.

    (And reading more of the manga version itself. I was tempted to buy vol 13, but held back since the series is being officially translated into English.) I just have to get use to seeing a longer hair Asuka. Plus, I’m still dying of laughter inside because we get to see a guy do girly stuff in life action now! ^__^

    • tg says:

      Wait.. Nevermind about what I said about Sawai being in Otomen! >__< I swear that girl looks like her but she's not! Gahhh.. I can see now see why.

  10. tg says:

    That’s weird. My last post didn’t show up! Agh. Ok, now I can easily say I made two mistakes. One being Sawai being in Otoment and the other being the last recent volume of Otomen. So sorry! Agh. =.=

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