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Fabulous BaraKiss coloring by moi~ [more blabber on my dA page]. Yum~ Kaede and chocolate <33. Moving on, this issue of MD is quite heavy! Let’s proceed~

Inside the Digest:

– Barajou no Kiss: Ch. 8
– Are You Alice?: Ch. 2
– Kuroshitsuji: Ch. 36
– Ilegenes: Ch. 7 & 8
– +C: Sword and Cornett: Ch. 9
– Kimi no Iru Machi: Ch. 58
– Kimi ni Todoke: Ch. 18
– Let’s Lagoon: Ch. 2

Again, no Fresh Pick for today since this issue has a f*ckton of manga to cover and I won’t have time to pick up a new series until I get rid of these all by posting in this issue, ugh. I won’t be tackling Yankee-kun to Megane-chan and AAA this time. Y-k+M-c had nothing much for me to say while I dropped AAA just because it’s getting so generic and boring and I need to give more attention to the better ones out there.

Barajou no Kiss: Chapter 8


Well our front cover for MD today is none other than this one~ Well the only reason why is because I find that page just HAWT. This chapter has nothing really spectacular. But we get to see the Yellow Rose being revealed to Kaede and Anise that he’s indeed the one behind the assaults. I find the Yellow Rose to be annoying. Not only because he’s such a villain, but UGH @ his accent too >.>. His accent just makes me take him less seriously as the bad guy xDD.

Anyway, this chapter also have obvious Anise x Kaede hints. Can’t they be just canon already?? XD Oh wait, this is a reverse harem -__-… Lol. I can’t wait for next chapter ‘coz it looks like The Blue Rose Knight will take on the spotlight.

Are You Alice?: Chapter 2


It has a pretty decent build-up. We get to know the foundation of the story though. It’s kinda puzzling, confusing and mind-boggling… But that means it’s good because it plays up the mystery part so well.

Some parts were just boring though. I hope they can still make me cling on to by the edge of my seat with this one but it definitely has its moments.

Kuroshitsuji: Ch. 36


Nothing much happened in this chapter though, but it’s probably a breather for the upcoming new arc.

I have no idea about Ciel right now. A part of me makes me wanna hate him but at the same time, I kinda pity him. I guess that’s what makes his character really strong. Though I must admit that there’s some parts in here that I just wanna slap him, like when he just laughed his ass off.

Sebby is still smexy as always~

Ilegenes: Ch. 7 & 8


Is it wrong for me to think that Ilegenes is definitely crossing the line of shounen-ai right now? Among all the other Zero Sum mangas I’m currently reading right now, this one just has the most atmosphere of being BL…. AND I LIKE IT <3

I’m totally shipping Fon and Jacques, and I know you do too~ I just can’t get enough of them both. I squee’d so loudly when they kinda huggle on chapter seven. Feeling bad about the Black Market issue though, but kinda interested in it because it adds dark elements to the story. Chapter eight was pure awesomeness by the way. Looking forward for more updates and I hope it’ll be consistent ^^.

+C: Sword and Cornett: Ch. 9


HOLY COW I found myself shipping MariebelleBelca with the Captain so much xDD!!! YES I DO xDD!!! The Captain just blushes a lot on Belca now even though he isn’t even on his trap form! XDD. MORE GHEY CRACK PLEASE XD!!!!!

On a more serious note, I fully hated Diet this chapter. Well he totally unleashed his true color and he’s just baaad ;__;. Another thing, I hope the Amontel and Belca would settle for each other’s differences and understand that the Amontel isn’t the baddies here.

And oh Eco, poor you~ T__T. Orcelito looks just more and more scarier with Kiliko. Looking forward for the next chapter. This just keeps getting more and more interesting ^^.

Kimi no Iru Machi: Ch. 58


Well things in here are totally getting to a possible(?) close. Is it just me or do I get the feeling that this manga would end soon? Well, I hope it would anyway, I won’t be happy if the story would be extended so much. They only have to show some last bits on the other characters and I guess I can call this one good. Gotta admit that I didn’t liked Suzuka because it just been dragged along with so much generic plot devices. Hope it won’t happen here.

So will Eba take Haruto’s confession? I actually liked Haruto for the first time and hated Eba for the first time as well ‘coz this is just the perfect timing for these two. I don’t really liked how Eba’s acting like a bitch Suzuka had been.

Kimi ni Todoke: Ch. 18


OMG THEY SHOULD BE KISSING NOW!!! ARGGGH!!!!! These two are just plain idiots… CUTE idiots~ That’s why they suit each other so much ^__~. Sawako was kinda brickheaded though, so I can’t help but be a little bit annoyed by it.

Oh my god you know what? I’m already imagining what their voices would be like when the anime airs. And I must say that Daisuke Namikawa would make an effective Kazehaya. Just because I think Dai-chan can be awkwardly cute sometimes. And no doubt Mamiko Noto would do great on Sawako as well, since Mami-chan is sooo known for voicing soft-spoken girls. These two combined would totally make a very cute couple! I can’t wait for the anime already!!!

Let’s Lagoon: Ch. 2



Well, I guess I’ll be sticking with this manga and I’ll blame this chapter because this officially hooked me up! XD. Don’t mind the ecchi though since it’s nothing very pervy and it’s tolerable. I’m still getting a little problem with the girl’s mouth as well lolz. But those are just minor.

So much development in this chapter!!! We get to learn at the end that the girl doesn’t have a boyfriend at all, and at the same time, the guy realizes his feelings as well. Tsk tsk~ Cheesy is love <3. I wonder how will the relationship of these two develop since there’s already the guy in love only at Day 8. Looking forward to the next chappie~!!


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7 Responses to “Manga Digest”

  1. warriorhope says:

    Yay. I’m glad I’m not the only one imagining how everyone in kimi ni todoke will sound. it’s going to be so awesome :thumb: . Also, lol at Ryu expression.

  2. Rin says:

    This chapter of Barajou was just AWESOME-SAUCE with the Kaede x Anise moments. Love the dA coloring there. That picture is just hot.

  3. I still don’t see Ilegenes as shounen-ai though ^^; but that huggles is soooo sweet =3

    daisuke namikawa is kazehaya? niiice. and yeah, those two are cute idiots xD


    Ah, about your question in my +c post, dear captina still didn’t get a name, at least until the end of volume 2. And oh, I was told that chapter 10 will be out by this week ^_~

  4. Ashelea says:

    BaraKiss: UWAAAA~~!!! That Barajou no Kiss coloring is amazing!!! :love: You sure color so well. Love how you colour their outfits too. Oh dear Kaede just looks freaking hot in there *drool*. And love this chapter as well. Screw all the other guys~ MOAR Kaede x Anise hints pl0x!!!

    Kuroshitsuji: 😡 I’m disliking Ciel more and more… Nothing much to say in this chapter as well. Next arc strats next chap I guess?

    +C S&C: Yes DO WANT moar ghey cracks xDD. Gotta love the Captain as well. I must be loving Diet but he turned out way so evil so I just had my love for Captain instead <3

  5. Xiao says:

    Hehe, I finally got around to reading + C S&C and gotta say it’s pretty interesting so far. ^^

    Belca is such a stubborn racist (:P so true~) and poor shota-rebel Orce turned so zombie uke. Damn you, Lagan! 😡
    I really like the captain, too. It feels like Orenji-kun all over again kinda. Marianne, Maribelle…get it? *SHOT* |D;

    Diet is such a suck-up, he doesn’t deserve his glasses. >:/
    And ECOOOOOOOOOOOOO~ :huhu: Hope the megane meido gets him out.

    Yep, can’t wait to see what happens next. ^^

  6. Adrian says:

    I thought you were guessing that Mamiko Noto was Sawako. But that thought got me excited anyway so I had to check. And I am now more excited for this then anything else in Fall.

  7. Ayumikat says:

    Once again, your manga colouring is fabulous.
    Haha, I can picture Belca x Captain pairing especially with Belca cross dressing…I thought that it was ultra cute for the Captain to be so smitten with *Mariebelca* the first time they met XD LOL.

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