Yanki-kun to Megane-chan – 52.5 [Extra]


They didn’t know it all began already way back then~…

OMFG HELL YES!!! Epic extra chapter that shows a flashback when Shinagawa was still planning on entering the school because of a girl he fell in love at first sight!!! And guess who that girl was?? Yep ^^, this is the much-anticipated chapter for all shippers!!! <33!!!



Ok, we don’t have to play innocent because that girl is INDEED Adachi!!! <33!!! Bwahahaha!!! SQUEEEEE!!!

Shinagawa is taking an exam for a co-ed school, which at first finds himself against to, after all, he’s a well-known delinquent in his school back then. So yeah, he enters up the classroom and acts like a huge bully to everything.


But~~~ This bully forgot his mechanical pencil XD. What will he do now? Of course, he asked the girl, who has quite some messy, inleveled hair to give him some. The girl doesn’t respond though, until it got into Shinagawa’s nerves. Too bad the girl seems to be really tough and an ice queen XD!!!


She also didn’t mind about insulting Shinagawa XDD!!! Adachi’s just so awesome back then in her yankee!mode XD.


After a while, in the showing of the results, Shinagawa was surprised about passing, but he became more so when the girl back then is beside him, and smiling about how she passed as well.


Adachi non-megane smile :D!!!



And that’s how Shinagawa decided to enter High, just to see again the girl he fell in love at first sight… But


It seems like that girl didn’t came to the school. Little did he know that the girl is currently the one in glasses sitting behind him: ADACHI <33!!!


EPIC EXTRA CHAPTER!!! Oh my God FINALLY some background about my favorite OTP! And with that, I won’t be surprised more if there’s some upcoming romance going on in the manga sooner or later in the following volumes~ XD. Adachi was still so awesome back then XD. Too bad Shinagawa didn’t realized her T___T lol. I’m lovin’ this manga more and more SFM.

~Music: “Fude Pen ~Boru Pen~” – Yoko Hikasa [Mio – K-On!]


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  1. frog212 says:

    YES!~ this bonus chapter and the previous chapter is full of WIN!

  2. kanzeon says:

    Yep ^^! It’s getting really awesome~

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