Suzumiya Haruhi 2009: Endless Eight (lol… Again)


You guessed it right.

It’s still… the same again, no wonder. The whole episode is definitely skip-material. Probably next episode will be like this as well. Damn. And also what seems to be weird is that I felt that the animation is now starting to get very to K-On! too xD. But I guess what’s new in here is the possible hint given with the clouds and the plane.

I can say that majority of people watching this are really pissed off by what’s happening. Can’t blame them though, lol, because I would also think this arc should have ended since two weeks ago and I personally think it’s getting really stupid now. On a positive note, I noticed (and probably everyone else also had) that the episode titles doesn’t include suffixes of which part it is, it’s still “Endless Eight”, so if we were lucky being trolled by KyoAni, I guess this is still counted as the 12th episode, along with the preceeding E8 ones from the past weeks.. I just hope.. Fucking hope so.

LOL Kadokawa sucks.


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17 Responses to “Suzumiya Haruhi 2009: Endless Eight (lol… Again)”

  1. Melona says:

    I think that plane crashes into either haruhi or kyon’s bedroom on midnight of aug 31st. What do u think? lol -_^

  2. Rin says:

    I heard that 6 out of 8 of the second season are going to be Endless Eight. I also heard that the reason they’re doing endless 8 is because some guy thought it’d be funny, but people got mad but it was too late to take it back, so they just ran the script. Haruhi fans are pissed now(obviousy).
    .-= Rin´s last blog ..Momo Chapter 10 =-.

  3. phoenixdown110 says:

    Please tell me this is the last and final Endless Eight!

  4. I didn’t like this at first, but now I kind of like it, because it’s different than what any other studio would do. It’s like KyoAni doesn’t care about what you think, they just do their own thing, and that’s pretty cool to me.

  5. GIRv2.0 says:

    Brother, it must suck to have no patience, little comprehension and an inability to understand what pacing, timing and blocking are.

    “I can say that majority of people watching this are really pissed off by what’s happening.”

    Oh really? You can say that, huh? I take it that you are speaking for all the other 12 year olds out there too.
    I’m sure the producers are sorry that they require you exercise your brain for 23 minutes.

    You must be a fine example of the type of intellectual giants the American public school system.
    Take a bow.

    • tsuiteru says:

      Wow… lol. Calm down, try to go out of your house first and hang out with real people because you’re being really delusional.

      Don’t worry. This is just a show and I also feel bad for you taking me so seriously. :haha:

  6. anon56238 says:


  7. Ken says:

    Hey GIRv2 –

    I’m glad you’re such a brilliant un-americanized anime afficionado (or whatever other self-serving thing you consider yourself to be) but if it were so brilliant, it could have been done in fewer episodes. I said the same thing the first 3 times: This is brilliant, I love that they don’t think this would ruin them / dare to do it. By the 5th time it needed to end. Brevity is the soul of wit. You’re the fool in with the 12 year olds (or worse) if you believe they’ve changed enough each episode to move the thing forward.

    You’re not special, there are a lot of us who love movies and who appreciate everyone’s mastery from actors down to grips. We love anime the same way and, perhaps especially, once-untouchable series such as Haruhi. What’s happening now is ludicrous and it had better stop. It was a terrible idea to drag it out for this many episodes.

  8. phoenixdown110 says:

    It’s the equivalent as watching DBZ and it’s repeating 2 animation frames. =P

    • That Dude says:

      Hahaha so true! It’s pretty reminiscent of watching those DBZ villains “power up” for 10 straight episodes.

      But then, DBZ has how many thousand episodes? The major issue here is that they’re limited to 10 or so new episodes and they wasted 6 of them not giving any plot progress at all, (the first 2 endless eights I actually enjoyed) it’s almost as bad as those lame Naruto filler episodes were.

  9. hazmat says:

    I can’t believe people are still watching this show at all? It’s done, stick a fork in it.

  10. Tuna says:

    Good, I’m not going crazy. I thought I was the only one who kept thinking that Haruhi is looking more and more like Mio from K-ON!

    I actually liked the time loops at first, then after the fifth and sixth time- I was getting annoyed. Hopefully the next episode is the last endless eight episode.
    .-= Tuna´s last blog ..Haruhi Suzumiya: How Endless Eight Should End =-.

  11. That Dude says:

    If I wanted to watch the same thing over and over I would watch Higurashi no Naku Koro ni, (which actually does it well,) Jesus.

    I don’t know how some of you guys are enjoying/enjoyed this arc, because I’m at the fourth episode of it and am bored to hell. I think I’ll just skip to the end… and that end had better be the most epic, most climactic, most badass ending I have ever witnessed in my entire life to make up for the body of the arc being the most boring, dull, tedious one I have ever seen… ever.

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