Princess Lover!: 3 – Prince-ology 101


11 shorts steps on becoming a royal harem lead.

Prince-ology 101: #1 – SKILLS


If you know how to perfectly fit a katana in between Saber’s bewbs, then you pass.

Prince-ology 101: #2 – HORSEBACK RIDING


Oh wait… this isn’t for the prince. For Charlotte’s case, playing horsey is fun especially when you do it with your friend’s fiance’.

Prince-ology 101: #3 – THE CLUB


The nagging trio, lead by the token tsundere of the show: Seika. They challenge Teppei before entering the club of the Elites in their school.

Prince-ology 101: #4 – TEA


Teppei tries out to act more like a socialite… By first trying how to act with a tea. Tea ceremonies are really a must, so every prince must know how to look royal and act royal.


But he fails…


Well, he tries again…


…And again. Thou shall follow the proper tea etiquette.

Prince-ology 101: #5 – POSTURE


To be an ideal Princess, thou shall walk like one. Follow the old way, use books atop your head! Lol, I think I’m seeing these series of scenarios on a certain Disney movie back then *orz.

Prince-ology 101: #6 – HABITS


Thou shall not yawn when walking towards the school. Three bitches might be looking behind you everytime, so always be on guard.

Prince-ology 101: #7 – DANCING


Thou shall learn how to dance. Charlotte-hime gladly volunteers to teach our prince on how to. Space is not an excuse in dancing, no matter how big your partner’s hangers are.


Teppei’s hardships gets a reward from Charlotte-hime.

Prince-ology 101: #8 – Have a big “gum”


Thou shall have a big “gum”. Just look where Charlotte is looking at. Teppei’s gum must be really that huge to impress Charlotte-hime. (This totally came out of nowhere -__-)

Prince-ology 101: #9 – DATE


Well then if you are done with the five basic procedures in starting off your socialite-hood, then congratulations! Now it’s time to find a partner. But in Teppei’s case, he’s a pimp with two ladies beside him.

Prince-ology 101: #10 – MAKE-OVER


Just in this screencap, we can’t see the lousy, clumsy Teppei right? See what hair gel can do.

Prince-ology 101: #11 – THE BALL


An now we’re in the final procedure, show off the moves you’ve learned on the Grand Ball and shove the heads of that tsundere girl to shame. Or better, make her fall for you. So that ends our Prince-ology 101 class for today.


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