Princess Lover: 2 – B00bpillows


Drool-proof meido bewbpillows.

It was just alright. It’s not really as great as the first one, and it came out pretty cheesy and generic at times. The awkward positions cliches is really getting old. Probably the funniest part was Teppei having a meido army, and ended up being really awkward. Come on, that’s a maid army dude!

This episode pretty much introduces the rest of Teppei’s harem. We get to see more of Yuu, and there’s also Seika, the schoolmate. They seem to be the much more “minor” ones out of the four girls for Teppei but who knows? I thought that Yuu is catching up on Sylvia. But anyway, I’m still rooting for Charlotte, with Saber being my second favorite.

Overall, still a fun introductory episode for the rest of the characters. It’s just lame that we’re not seeing some Teppei kick-ass moves in here but next episode seems to have it.


Well what do we have here? Teppei’s feeling asleep and just lies down on his meido’s b00bs unconsciously. But it seems like Yuu doesn’t even care anyway no matter how Teppei’s sleeping in there and even drooling at his sleep. But hey, at least Yuu’s multifunctional.


Teppei has a meido army in his mansion. This guy can’t get any more luckier.

Meet Seika. Well she sure also had the censored-to-black pantsu Charlotte’s also sporting.

We have three more girls in this show that has deep, black cloudy pantsu.

Teppei and Charlotte puts up a public show for everyone.

Saber Sylvia goes to see her fiance in the middle of exhibitionism…

Ooh! Busted!

Saber Sylvia is sure tight in everything she wears.


Next episode: Fencing using a katana.

Screenshot Gallery on the next page.


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2 Responses to “Princess Lover: 2 – B00bpillows”

  1. kanzeon says:

    Princess Boobs.
    But lol! Saber looked like a genderbent Tadase (SC!) this time XD.

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