Phantom ~Requiem for the Phantom~: Inspired – Zwei


Zwei (Reiji) is known for being a renewed heartless assassin now. But what if we get to hear him sing? I mean as in, Zwei will SING! Here’s Zwei’s Character Single. Download Link below the cut.

Zwei (Reiji)’ Character CD is sure full of HAWTTNESS overdose! Prepare to have tissues because I swear, his single is the smex. Miyu Irino totally gets added on my favorite male seiyuus just with this. Funny fact as well is that he’s the one who voiced Syaoran on the Tsubasa series xP. So yeah, we can imagine him getting all hawt singing this too~ XD.

“Who’s crying” is an upbeat rock track, which is quite intense and emotion-packed as well. First of all, I can’t really imagine him singing a really upbeat track at all, except if Reiji will have a mission being a part of a rockband (which would be cool~)!!! The next track, “Haitoku no Gaijou” is just hawt smex in your ears. Awesome B-side! Just… hawtness XD!!! Totally reminded me of some Miyano Mamoru song too~. Gawd, Reiji’s voice is just freaking hot. I love it so much. If you could also notice, it’s also the bgm featured in some episodes lately ^^. The CD also contains a monolog with Zwei/Reiji.


1. Who’s crying
2. Haitoku no Gajou
3. Monolog
4. Who’s crying [Instrumental]
5. Haitoku no Gajou [Instrumental]

[w/ scans, .zip format, Mediafire]

>>Download Here

Like it? Buy it! ~ cdjapan ~ playasia ~

I also made a new Phantom banner, hope you’ll like it~:



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  1. Pjal says:

    awesome banner.. :thumb:

  2. anon says:

    Got the rap version used in the series? I can’t find it anywhere.

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