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Digest includes:

– kalafina
– Base Ball Bear
– Beyonce
– Billboard Top 50
– Phantom ~Requiem For The Phantom~ – Inspired Zwei and Ein

[Single] kalafina – storia

cover dvd

Another awesome single from Kalafina. I really love ‘storia‘ and they pulled it off amazingly again with some folk touch. Not only that the A-side is good, but the B-side, ‘lilica‘ is just better. It’s just epic, haunting, call it whatever, I love it so much. Overall, Kalafina is totally on a streak on being a full force power vocal group ^^.


1. storia
2. lilica
3. storia [Instrumental]

>> Download Here

[PV] kalafina – storia


[Single] Base Ball Bear – BREEEEZE GIRL



2. Breeeeze Girl II
3. Love Mathematics (Shibuya-Kai TRUE LOVE Remix)

>> Download Here


[PV] Base Ball Bear – Stairway Generation


Oh my god I’ve been waiting since forever for the full version and the PV for this XD!!! And yeah, the PV came out quite alright. Shame though that their faces aren’t shown very clearly in here, but I still love the song. Btw, it’s the current OP for Gintama. Oh god how long I’ve been waiting for this PV? Since April, I guess? XD. But imo, Stairway Generation is the best Gintama OP everrr~ Beats the Tommy Heavenly6 one XD. Go BBB!!! I can’t wait for thei next album on August!!!


[PV] Beyonce – Sweet Dreams


Well that was quite disappointing after almost thinking that the video could have been way more better. “Sweet Dreams” is my overall favorite from her entire album, Sasha Fierce, and after hearing the news about it being her sixth single, I became really excited.

What came out though is a very… bland music video. Oh god, we’ve already seen those back-up dancers, those black and white thing. I thought I was really going to see something new, but no… Same old thing from Single Ladies, Diva and Ego. I don’t care about the new scenes. The walkings are fierce though but that’s about it. Btw, she also had that same metallic gold leotard Lady Gaga wore in her video, Paparazzi too.


Billboard Top 50 [Credits to BillboardGoddess]


This is Billboard’s Top 50 until July 18. It’s so cool to have “You’re a Jerk” (#40) to be your ringtone XD. And oh god, I’m so sick of hearing “Love Story” (#38) everywhere xD. I loveD the song though, until everyone in my hood and my school just begun humming it everywhere -__-;;. The one I’m totally rooting for the top spot is Keri Hilson’s “Knock You Down” (#4), because it totally deserves it! I love that song! And meehhhh, boring Black Eyed Peas song again is on the top 2 >.>… If it’s not “Boom Boom Pow” (#2), it’s a new one. Ugh. I hope Keri Hilson literally knocks them down XP.


Phantom ~Requiem for the Phantom~ Character Singles

Oh look, our two talented and hot assassins are singing. YESH!!!! SINGING!!! Before I put up the actual post (later~ ^__~), I’ll leave y’all first with teaser samples:

Zwei – “Haitoku no Gajou”


Seriously, can I squee now??? SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!! KYAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!! OMFG THAT WAS FREAKING HOT! OMG Reiji, you’re so goddamn sexy >//////<!! Miyu Irino just gives justice to this hot Phantom assassin-slash-pimp hottie xDD.

Ein – “Crazy Darkness”


OMFG this one’s heck awesome too!!! Ayahi Takagahi is freaking awesome as the cold assassin Ein!!! Seriously, when I first thought of Ein having a character song, I thought it’s really boring, but instead, we have an uber-cool upbeat track! SO COOL!!!

So yeah, I’ll put up their singles later ^^… Or tomorrow, if I feel mean XD. Just kidding!


>> Inspired – Zwei

>> Inspired – Ein

I also made a banner, by the way~ Hope you’ll like it as much as I do ^^.




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  2. Xiao says:

    “storia” is pure :aww:

    I would usually follow a group like kalafina cuz I love their type of music. Don’t know what took me so long but I’m following them now. <3
    .-= Xiao Jie´s last blog ..SoMT Discussions 4 & Moe Spotlight Special: Shugo Charas! =-.

  3. Kairu says:

    Why are Beyonce’s videos always consists with a 2 backup girls dancing? Im also disappointed. Im getting sick of her videos.

  4. faer1edust says:

    Kalafina just keeps on getting better and better. I love Lacrimosa and no wonder, I just adore this one as well. I also like how they’re going more folk. The video is nice too~ 😉

    OMG BBB!!! Haha I feel for you. That’s some long long wait for the full version and the PV to come out lol. I can’t wait for their album.

  5. Beyonce is so talented! I am from Houston too! Nice to see a fellow Texan from my home town be such a success!

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