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~ +C: Sword and Cornett: Op. 6-7
~ Hyakuen!: Ch. 4
~ Flags: Ch. 3
~ Barajou no Kiss: Ch. 7
~ Yanki-kun to Megane-chan: Ch. 53


+C: Sword and Cornett:

– Op. 6

Orcelito’s sister gets quite a little bit likable this time for showing that she can accept commoners. The maid and the other people poisoning her innocent brain about commoners needs the one to get burned alive for teaching cruel things to the kid. But yeah moving on, she really wants to get her ‘old’ brother back then when she tries to talk to him but Orcelito just gave him a death glare instead XD.

T______T… Orcelito seems to be fallen already to the clutches of being a cold person. But yes, Orcelito is getting already to the point of his “scary mode”. Maybe it’s because of too much political stress in his mind. Damn you Kiliko~! What are you doing to my Niichan?! XDDD lol. Btw, Kiliko is smex. When he dressed up Orcelito I almost nosebleed to BL heaven XD.

Meanwhile, Belca and Eco had just recently escaped, and they are searching for a town to head on next. While on their journey (lol sounds too adventure-ish XDD) they encountered an Amontel. Belca was supposed to attack him to pay revenge from his brother’s death but a nobleman in his horse suddenly interrupted them, claiming that the Amontel was from his Estate, who just escaped.


– Op. 7

The nobleman turns out to be the Earl of Arlon, Dietrich, who seems to be an acquaintance of Eco before. YAY FOR A MEGANE BISHIE~!!! And LMAO he’s a Roderich (Hetalia) from Hetalia look-alike AND name-alike with the -rich at the end XD. Anyway, Dietrich seems to know a lot about Eco even though they just had been together for a short while, plus he’s genuinely nice to him as well and offered them to stay at his mansion to rest for the night. But after waking up in the morning and get to know a little bit more about Dietrich, Belca found Eco not to be in the room already.

Overall, I think I’m really liking Dietrich, and just like Belca said, he has an air to him that’s reminiscent of his brother (who WAS my favorite character until he died T_____T). So much likable characters in this manga! So yeah, I’ll settle with Dietrich and the guard knight (Hell yes, he’s a recurring character!) as my fave good characters (while I’m liking my Kiliko as my fave ‘naughty’ one XD). Looking forward for more <33.

These two chapters also shows Shingetsu, an Amontel whom I we might be seeing more of. Looking forward on how will she play out in the series. Is she the lady Belca’s brother had fallen in love with? This series just keeps being more and more exciting~!!!

Btw, this is full of win: Show ▼



Hyakuen!: Chapter 4

Nothing really much to say about it but it’s still thoroughly enjoyable nonetheless ^^.

We get to the fourth segment of the money-saving duo~. And this time, we have Suzuki getting interested to a pet, but she hesitates to buy it because she’s worrying too much about the expenses she’ll have when she’s taking care of it now. But Momo is just so adorable!!! She bought Suzuki with her money, and Suzuki thanked with a hug~. D’AWWWWW~!!!! That part in the end was so cute!!! <3.

P.S. – Momo needs to learn how to wear panties. At home or not.



Flags: Chapter 3

It started of very very promising just like any other… But by the third chapter, the more I read of this manga, the more I feel that it’s all Yu Yu Hakusho + Flame of Recca + Bleach + Hitman Reborn + other mainstream shounen cliches all over again. Well, not only that, but at least there’s almost EVERY other character that looks exactly like a rip-off of other characters from other series (there’s somebody from Bleach, CC, even someone from Paradise Kiss for Christ’s sake! XDD). Heck, even Ouka’s hair is already worn by 482 other shounen characters out there. Ugh, can’t this manga get any more original please? If not, then I won’t be bothering to continue this anymore.

Nothing interests me so far apart from it being an action shounen (which I’m currently reading a lot of lately~ Beelzebub, Hitman Reborn, heck I’m even catching up on Fairy Tail now, etc.). Oh well, it’s only the third chapter anyway so I’m definitely giving it a chance ^^. The question is, will this gonna be the next big mahou-shounen hit?



Barajou no Kiss: Chapter 7 – “Chocolate Rose”

It’s Choco-whatever they call it day, where it’s just like Valentines, people give Chocolates to the person special to them. Well in this case for Anise who’s so lucky having a hawt bishie harem around her, we can really wonder who will take the risk of giving some chocolates to her. In the end, it’s the underdog of the four: Kurama (Black Rose Knight), who ended up giving one to her.

But after that and parting ways with Anise, Kurama gets attacked by someone and he ended up badly injured. Hmm~ That’s so cruel T ^ T. My Kurama~~ Yeah, it probably is either the Saffron Rose Knight or maybe Anise’s father, but I guess I’m leaning more on the Saffron Rose guy because he had been very scheming since he has been introduced.

Funny fact: Kurama lives together with Tenjou on the church atop of the hill XD! Also, we get to see Tenjou smiling sadistically while healing Kurama’s wounds. Seems like these two has some background that begs to be shown already later on the series~ XDD. Kukukukuku~~ Huh? Nothing! XD. Coughs *gets shot* chokes *gets shot twice*

So far, so interesting for a guilty pleasure. What’s bothering me though is about the female lead. I know Anise’s really cute but damn, this girl is so bland and boring. Are ALL reverse harem leads supposed to be like that? I haven’t really seen much personality from her yet, so I hope she’ll shine more later on the series ^^.



Yanki-kun to Megane-chan: Chapter 53 – “I’m Tutoring You In Math”

OMG EPIC CHAPTER IS EPIC!!!!! I guess this arc’s climax is the best so far the manga ever had for me. Izumi is just freaking epic!!! OMG ARGH SO G*DAMN AWESOME!!! He, along with his gang brother, fought up men who’s totally lost in number on how many they were. Izumi’s friend was stupid for not counting properly though. LOL 10?! XDD. If they knew they’re a hundred, they could have prepared more.

So yeah, all the men were cleared up, except for the real boss this time. Unfortunately for Izumi,  his friend got knocked down. And even though how hard he fought so much, he also got down. He’s almost gonna get killed but Adachi RANDOMLY (as in, never spotted her anywhere until she just popped out O__O roflmao) came out of nowhere and now found sitting beside Izumi asking if he would really quit the Student Council. After that, Shinagawa and all his other friends came too. And for sure next chapter will be rumble time~!!


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5 Responses to “Manga Digest”

  1. mikan-sakura says:

    Definitely gonna check out +C Sword and Cornett. Hearing good buzz about it lately so I’ll definitely check it out ^^.

    Need to catch up on Barajou no Kiss ”’orz.

  2. kanzeon says:

    You must check it out and I hope you’ll like it ^^.

    Haha, have fun catching up on ze bishies XD.

  3. Ashelea says:

    That last part on Hyakuen ch04 just gave me so much yuri vibes. I wonder if we would ever reach on to that sooner than the series. Lol at Momo being censored by the text baloon too when she’s not wearing pantsu XD. The manga is getting more and more ecchi… Which is what I’m afraid on happening.

  4. Xiao says:

    Omgyay~! So many new manga (w/bishies, kyaa!) for me to check out! Thanx~ <3

    As for Hyakuen, it was such a cute chapter. Haha, now Ema-sensei is starting to get a little more serious with the yuri. XD
    Still can’t help but think it’s just going to be light-hearted perverted laughs, though. :/ But even so, still reading for the cuteness. haha xD
    .-= Xiao Jie´s last blog ..SoMT Stage 2, Round 1 =-.

  5. kanzeon says:

    Cute yuri is cute :3.
    And I also lol’d at the censorship XDD. Oh gawd where did Tooyama-sensei learned all these? XD

    @Xiao Jie:
    Welcome ^^. I’m totally recommending +C Sword and Cornett, because it’s my current addiction along with some others <3. Yep ^^. Hyakuen's really light but it would also be fine to see some serious developments ^^.

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