Kimi no Iru Machi – Ch. 52


Meido Moe Kyun~?


I would really love to ship Nanami’s brother to Eba. Because they both just look good together. And it seems like he is quite fond of Eba as well.


On the other hand, Haruto’s harem had just gotten bigger by the second. Megane girl gets added in.


Seems like she’s gonna invite someone to the Kouyasai as well. I wouldn’t be surprised if that guy turns out to be Haruto, even though I get a pretty tiny feeling about pairing her with the soccer guy (was it Himura? lol I can’t remember so much names xD).


Well this proves she’s a bitch that begs for Haruto’s attention. I’m getting annoyed by her right now. I would really love to see Nanami stabbing Haruto at his back rather than having this new girl shit. I feel bad for Nanami getting slowly pushed away from the spotlight because of this new girl issue shit.

So yeah, it’s really clear now that Haruto indeed likes Eba and he’s wondering if it’s possible if he could have a dance with her on the festival. I hope he gets some guts again just like what he did when he held her hand on the previous chapter ^^. Problem though is that Kanzaki-senpai (Nanami’s borther) seems to have a thing for Eba as well.

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