Hetalia Axis Powers: 27




Pretty disappointing way to start off with a recycled scene of Alfred (America).


Germany’s diary of dirty little secrets between him and Italy… No, sorry but it isn’t a doujinshi.


Diary Entry #1: Cooking

Italy wants to cook for Germany that day. Of course, Feli definitely needs to practice his waifu skills for Ludwig too~.


So yup~ Feliciano cooks to commemorate their anniversary friendship. While he cooks pasta, we can see Germany getting so active on cleaning every place Feiciano works in lol.


I kinda love their stare-down scene lol.


Diary Entry #2: Getting Bullied

Aww~ Poor Feliciano~ But lol at Arthur and Francis bullying him like their little kids XD. Also, we have Bulgaria to have his first appearance on the anime too ^^. He’s poking Feli with a stick even though they’re allies XD. His reason is just he just had the urge when he saw his face. Ludwig of course, shoo’d them all away like a knight in shining armor XD.


Diary Entry #3: Invasion

Since Feliciano realizes that he’s really a sore weak loser compared to how awesome Ludwig is, he decided to go off his own to pick up a hopeful victory. Thus, he heads off to Africa and meets…


Egypt! Yay for another new character having his first appearance ^^. Well, Egypt seems to undergo some skin color whitening and lots of whitening creams because he loses his tan O__o. His eyes also went darker than the golden brown one.


But anyways~ ^^;; Feliciano still got pwned by him. Oh my god Feli when will you win? XD.


Diary Entry #4: Tomodachi~

And so, Feliciano continues to get f*cked up around the globe, while Ludwig gets all the calls and saves him. The chibi Germany in panic is so cute btw~

Seriously now, Ludwig gets tired of these stuff: rescuing Italy’s butt here and there, and always getting caught up in the middle of his antics. Now he tries to call off another nation to take him over, but he suddenly backed down from the idea after realizing he was his only friend. D’awww~


And now the Allied Forces got all d’aww’d up after finding out how Ludwig thinks of Feli. But LOOKIE~! Alfred is looking into Arthur’s direction <33!!! Oooh~ Probably Alfred thinks about Arthur too reading all about these stuff~ <33 *fangirls*.


Moment of silence… Won’t be surprised that the Allied Forces are shipping Ludwig x Feli soon.


ED2: “Marukaite Chikyuu” [Germany ver.] by Hiroki Yasumoto

Hehe~ I just feel like adding this up kukuku~ Yep ^^. Same ol’ animation (ugh) but the song’s from Ludwig instead ^^. I bet many of us already had listened to this version and we know that the lyrics are just freaking hilarious XD. I also wonder if this season would have different “Marukaite Chikyuu”s for each episode/character focused episode.



What’s cuter than Feliciano???


Feliciano… AND A KITTY!!!


ULTIMATE CUTENESS!!! Kyaaaa~!!! Rolling down kitty glompage had never been this cute~ ^^.


Lol. Ouch.


Sorry Feli, Ludwig just can’t look like you kitty cat~


Well yep sorry to break the news to the haters but Hetalia goes on and on, bitches! XD. This is the second season but I’ll go with counting along from 27 onwards.

This episode is much, much better than the last few ones, but it still feels so underwhelming. I totally enjoyed obvious Ludwig x Feli canon-ness in this episode. And this episode is just pure adorableness. I never get tired of hearing Daisuke Namikawa’s moe voice~.

The animation is still good. Though I just can’t appreciate the recycling. I honestly lost count on how much they recycled America’s face at the beginning of the episode >.>… I also hope that they should at least give a new ED sequence to this. I’m not a personal fan of Doitsu’s Marukaite Chikyuu but I do think it’s totally funny and I just love how they made a change in there ^^.

Overall, heck I’m freaking happy Hetalia just continues! Well it better be because it has more fans than half the ass of Studio DEEN’s current projects all combined XD.


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5 Responses to “Hetalia Axis Powers: 27”

  1. Kagami says:

    This episode is so much win. :’D
    Your animated images are awesome~ The one with Italy & the kitty rolling around is so much fun to staaarrreee at. *w*

    Egypt.. didn’t say anything at all, did he…? xD
    And uh… all the tan from his skin went to his eyes. Yep, that’s what happened. :haha:

    Uhu, do I sense a fellow AmericaxEngland fangirl..? :ohohoho:
    .-= Kagami´s last blog ..ARISA . chaptersix =-.

  2. Rai says:

    I loved this episode xD Germany looking up from the counter was so much win x3 :love:
    I was kinda disappointing in how Egypt looked though :-_-:

  3. Auntie Heng says:

    :runs: ORE WA DOITSU!!! :runs:

  4. kanzeon says:

    Yep~ It’s so cute isn’t it? :aww:
    Haha yeah, if he talked, I wonder who his seiyuu is… Hmm~
    And yep! Totally in the USxUK ship of awesomeness ^^.


    Yeah XD. I totally love the chibi Doitsus too ^^.
    I was also disappointed. Studio DEEN should have been more loyal to Egypt’s original design :baww2:


    @Auntie Heng:
    HELL YEAZ! :cheer:

  5. Chlo says:

    Cant wait to try it out, wish me luck.

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