EVE no Jikan: 05


act05 – CHIE & SHIMEI


Of course~.

Awesome episode as usual. I really hate the fact that I don’t know any other way to start off this post other than saying “Awesome episode as usual.” but it’s unavoidable because Eve no Jikan just pulls it off and stuns me each and every episode.Also, just as always, I always don’t feel the long wait because it’s totally worth it.

So we are at fifth episode, and probably the second to the last one of the first season(?). I heard that it’s getting a theatrical production though, but I would have wished for this to become a series/ONA series instead.


The fifth episode is Chie & Shimei, Chie, wich is the cafe’s resident loli, while Shimei is her guardian. I wouldn’t exactly call this episode as a Chie & Shimei-focused one, which made this episode amazing, because not only we get know the resident loli in here, but there are lots of very interesting character developments. The people/robots at the cafe seems to be a huge family, just as it shows on how they treat Chie.


Rikuo you idiot!!! T^T Poor Sammy T^T… But that’s a really sad fact on how humans in their world treat the androids. Rikuo’s just scared that other people might think of him as a loser for being with an android. But Sammy’s face is just blank, and robots don’t have emotions anyway… But her face in the rain is just sad T_T.


Anyway, Sammy is just so darn awesome! She can learn the piano ^^. And that is quite thought provoking as well, which Eve no Jikan just succeeds on being at. Robots has the potential to take part in cultural development, for example, on music.


Moving on, my favorite scene is when Rikuo takes the spotlight and plays the piano after his servant, Sammy. The animation is just brilliant. One of my favorite scenes so far this year to be really honest. Rikuo’s just so cool!!!


!!!BRAVO!!! :oha: !!!


OH MY EFFING COW. Is Sammy really still a robot?! xD Rofl. When she did the smiling, I was…. O_____O. Not only great development for Rikuo in this episode but for Sammy as well, for being so ridiculously mysterious with her actions ^^.


Wha–?! Masaki… has a robot in his house? I thought he said he doesn’t have one. Hmm, I can’t wait for the next episode (entitled by his own name) to see more of the background of Rikuo’s background story after his actions on act04. He seems to be a really unstable character in terms of his actions that’s what makes him totally interesting ^^.


So next episode is gonna be the final one??? :baww: I cannot wait for September then. Following act06 is Eve no Jikan’s theatrical release. I wonder what that is going to be though, I hope they would not patch up the ONAs altogether -__-. I hope it would be a continuation because I just can’t get enough of this.

Screenshot gallery is on the next page~.



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  1. Ailesgrise says:

    OMG POOR SAMMY!!! >< 😥

  2. Yukiko says:

    Gives me a reason to go back to CR for a bit…

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